Kaspersky and avp.exe

  exdragon 14:54 18 Mar 2011

Hi - my other half is having problems with his laptop running incredibly slow. Task Manager shows 53% CPU usage, and in Processes, avp.exe shows 50 in the CPU column, with nothing else running.

He's used MWB, ccleaner, rebooted umpteen times and posted here a previous problem with Outlook 2003 not functioning. He's used System Restore but to no avail.

What else should we be looking at, or trying, in order for the laptop to remain in the same room as us, rather than being sent flying?

I don't know how to interpret Task Manager.


  kidsis 15:14 18 Mar 2011

hi, that is quite a lot of avp.exe's showing! Have you tried reinstalling Kaspersky AV at all. If that doesn't help the issue, I think as it is an anti virus product, having a look at the kaspersky forum might show if others are having the same issue and if so what advice they received.

  Woolwell 15:55 18 Mar 2011

There should be only 1 avp.exe running and it is Kaspersky. If it is using that amount of resource then it may be scanning (supposed to do it in the background but this looks as if it is dominating). When did he last run a scan?
Which OS, how much RAM and which version Kaspersky?

Did Outlook 2003 get fixed as I think I replied to that?

  exdragon 16:37 18 Mar 2011

XP, sp 3,2GB RAM, KIS v. Can't remember when he last ran a scan - he's a bloke!

The '50' in the CPU col. of the Processes tab doesn't mean there are 50 things running, does it?

Mine shows CPU of 00, Memory usage of around 20,000k (fluctuating) against User Name 'System' and around 4,000k against my name. He has 3 avp.exe showing, (1) System = CPU 00, Mem Usage 20,00k. (2) System = CPU 50, Mem usage 74,000k. (3) own name CPU 00, Mem usage 9,000k

Outlook didn't get sorted and is showing CPU 00, Mem usage 70,000k and it's not switched on.

  961 16:42 18 Mar 2011

See discussion of this problem here

click here

One suggestion is to make sure you have the latest version of Kaspersky

Also ensure any previous anti virus has been totally removed by using that product's uninstall tool usually available by download from makers web site. Norton, Macafee and others often leave traces behind which can conflict

Ensure any standard windows anti virus etc isn't running

Also ensure options of Kaspersky is set to run a scan, say, once a week. It is possible for it to be run daily on boot up which can obviously use resources for the first hour or so after starting your laptop each day

  961 16:51 18 Mar 2011

Kaspersky version is up to date

50% CPU means half the total processing power of the is being used by Kaspersky leaving only half for other things

Ensure, as above, that, even though he's a bloke, the settings of Kaspersky are not set to run scan at each boot up

Download and run (free)

click here to check no malware on machine

  exdragon 16:59 18 Mar 2011

Thanks, chaps - I'll do my best to sort him out, but may have to post again if we come up against a brick wall!

  Woolwell 17:05 18 Mar 2011

Regarding Outlook - In the processes - highlight it and then end process. Then try re-opening it as normal. Something is causing it to run when it should be closed (this could also slow down the system). Does he run any sync programs eg with a smartphone or google calendar as these can cause snags?

  exdragon 08:28 19 Mar 2011

Ah - he reckons the problem arose after he synced his new Ipod Touch for the first time. Is that likely and will it cause the same problem in the future? Not much point in having one if he can't sync it! I've got one too, but so far (fingers crossed), no problem

He needs the laptop to be working for the next few days, but will try your suggestion - thanks.

  Woolwell 11:00 19 Mar 2011

Sync programs can cause Outlook snags. I get it from time to time.

  exdragon 17:12 20 Mar 2011

I'll mark this as resolved - Outlook has somehow re-appeared without doing anything to it...oh, the mysteries of the computer...

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