Kaspersky asking to be a server

  Press Man 20:41 13 Dec 2006

Hi Guys,
I am running Kaspersky AV also Zonealarm. Zonealarm is asking to allow or deny Kaspersky to act as a server. So far I have denied each time, should I make this permanent or should I allow? Why would Kaspersky want or need to act as a server?
Thanks in advance

  skidzy 21:10 13 Dec 2006

To update i guess.Without using Kaspersky im not totally sure,but i would be pretty confident it is ok to allow this.

  Press Man 15:14 14 Dec 2006

Having denied the request to be a server, Kaspersky still appears to update, as a "balloon" from the sys tray says it has been successful. Anybody using Kaspersky AV that may know the answer?

  Stuartli 15:42 14 Dec 2006

Nothing on my system is configured in ZoneAlarm to act as a server and that includes Avast! anti-virus.

  Press Man 16:08 14 Dec 2006

I too do not have anything configured in Zonealarm (free) to act as a server. I really just need to know why Kaspersky AV wants to act as a server, and should I allow it or not?

  skidzy 16:38 14 Dec 2006

The only thing i have listed in my Zonealarm under server is my printer and host file but only in the trusted zone.

I have added my printer to the trusted zone as a server for any updates to drivers etc.

The host process is also added to my trusted server,but to be honest i cannot remember allowing this.And to my knowledge dose not cause any problems.

If unsure,you can always allow Kaspersky and if any problems,you can always remove the access by right clicking and remove within Zonealarm's program control.

  Stuartli 18:54 14 Dec 2006

I can't see any reason why it would want to act as a server.

I would leave it as being allowed access and that's all - tick the box to retain the privilege before ticking the Allow box.

  SB23 19:14 14 Dec 2006

I also use ZA, and at first was very confused by programs wanting to act as servers.
I read somewhere that with very few exceptions you do not need to give them permission. What I tend to do now is if I'm unsure click no, but don't remember the answer, and if a program starts to misbehave, the next time it asks,( and it will), click yes to allow and remember the answer.

  Press Man 22:11 14 Dec 2006

I think at this stage I agree with you. So far denying server rights appears not to have caused any problems. Having said that, I would like to know why it should/need to have server rights. What could be the downfalls if given server rights?

  SB23 16:22 15 Dec 2006

Not too sure on that one, but I would think it would be a bad thing to do, if there's no need. I'll stick with my previous suggestion, as it works for me, and I have come to realise that 99% of the programs that are installed on my pc don't need server rights, and still work perfectly.


  Press Man 23:11 15 Dec 2006

Ok, for now i will deny, unless anybody else can shed any more light on the subject.

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