kaspersky any gud?

  asdachick 13:57 24 Oct 2007

i have norton at the moment and is due to run out next week,i bought kaspersky for £25 havent opened box yet as still unsure bout it ,but reviews seem excellent.
i have got the removal tool ready for norton ,just hoping i dont bodge it up :)

  Press Man 14:05 24 Oct 2007


I started with kaspersky AV 6 and found it to be very good, so much so that I have upgraded to Kaspersky Internet Security Suite. This also seems to be very good, although the firewall needs some attention if you have a home network, otherwise very good. It also loads quickly, unlike Norton. If you try Kaspersky and find you do not get along with it, there is a removal tool for both KAV & KISS on the Kaspersky web site.

  asdachick 14:06 24 Oct 2007

so will the firewall confuse me:)at one point thought nortons was bad enuff

  Press Man 14:19 24 Oct 2007

No not really, if you go in to the "settings" screen you can set the firewall to "training mode". When a programme tries to access the internet a firewall "pop up" will ask you if you want to allow or deny the progamme. If you know the programme is safe and the action was initiated by you then allow, if not deny. All will become clear as you use it.

  asdachick 14:35 24 Oct 2007


  Pineman100 18:08 24 Oct 2007
  Totally-braindead 18:14 24 Oct 2007

Kaspersky would probably be my choice if I wasn't using freebies and wanted an all in one integrated package. In reviews and tests it scores very highly and its better than Norton, uses less resources and doesn't slow you down as much.

  Andy1991 19:25 24 Oct 2007

i have kaspersky IS 7, i have to say it is extremely protective, and picks up every little virus I may have come accross. It is extremely easy and simple but wth a nice looking interface. It scans int he background with out real slow down. and it can scan everything or anything with out promt, even if ur not doing anything to do with whats its scanning. in other words it is extremely pro active. i dont really understand what training mode is as it works just as any other firewall does (with alot more option though i may add). it is known to be very fast and very stable and also very easy and proactive with top rate virus detection. i swithc from trend micro and i am extremely happy. you may need to attend to some pop ups through the first week (only because its still learning about your system and ur prefered security). After a week, u wont get a peep out of it, u can schedule it to scan every 3 days or something. I have never realsised whether it had done it or not as it is so discrete, but it has done it successful and keeps extremely detailed logs. I can't wait until version 8. I am very impressed with it. and further more u should feel very very safe with it, and i have not heard any complaints about it all, as apposed to the millions of stories i have hered with Norton.

  bjh 20:25 24 Oct 2007

I use Kaspersky at home on several computers, and it is my preferred security suite (Currently £29.99 at dreaded PC World for a 3 licence pack, £24.99 for a one licence). I use Trend PC Cillin and McAfee at work. I'd put Kaspersky as streets ahead of McAfee, a bit ahead of PC Cillin. I meet Norton occasionally, but don't really like anything about it.

PC Cillin is possibly slightly easier to configure, particularly the firewall, but Kaspersky comes very close and is, as Andy suggests, no resource hog and catches all that I've ever met.

As an all-in-one, install-and-forget option, I don't think you can better it.

(Oh, it is worth noting that I shifted from PC Cillin to Kaspersky for personal use about 3 years ago and have CONSISTENTLY found it excellent through each update. Some products do do extremely well in one guise, but the "updated" re-release is no cop. Panda AV springs to mind. Excellent at times, other times abysmal. Kaspersky: consistently excellent.

Install, be happy, sleep safe.

  asdachick 21:10 24 Oct 2007

thanks everyone:))) give u an update once i have installed it hehe

  asdachick 13:55 31 Oct 2007

so far so gud thanks guys!!!!

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