Kaspersky £24.99 at Makro

  ford_transit 22:33 29 May 2009

Makro are selling Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, the 3-user version, for £24.99 +vat from Wednesday 3rd June 2009 to Tuesday 16th June 2009.
Just thought this might be useful to anyone with a Makro card.
Regards to all.

  birdface 23:09 29 May 2009

Probably get it cheaper elsewhere.Worth shopping around.

  birdface 23:12 29 May 2009

1st one I tried.

click here

  OTT_Buzzard 23:43 29 May 2009
  woodchip 23:49 29 May 2009

You should read your link

"Only Available with selected hardware purchases"

So whats it going to cost at the end of the day

  OTT_Buzzard 00:00 30 May 2009

"Only Available with selected hardware purchases"

About 2 pence on a bad day!

  OTT_Buzzard 00:08 30 May 2009

And just went through to checkout with t for a total price including delivery of 13 pounds 74.

The reason it's specified as delivery only with hardware is that it is an OEM copy, therefore, strictly speaking, only available to system builders etc. In reality, from the likes of, for example, some ebay vendors, you buy it with some case screws. For most online purchases from other stores the exclusions tend not to matter too much to the seller.

Note to ford_transit: OEM copies are not usually covered for tech support by the manufacturer. Usually you have to go to the company that sold it to you for support. The cost for Kaspersky for the product in queston is around 40ish pounds. If you pay less than that then check to see if it is an OEM copy!

  ford_transit 15:39 30 May 2009

Thanks, OTT_Buzzard, for information and the warning about the difference between OEM versions and normal "retail to Joe Public" version. I bought mine at PC World, paid top whack, £48.92, so it should be legit.

Next day, I was sitting at the computer, waiting for something, so I had a look through the Makro brochure.

That was when I saw it for £24.99. The picture in the brochure shows an identical package to mine, right down to the "3-users" marking.

Thanks to everyone for your comments.
Regards, remember the sun-block if you go out-of-doors.

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