Kaspersky 2011 reductions

  Muergo 15:37 21 Oct 2010

I currently have no paid for security after not renewing Panda this year and uninstalling it.

Using Microsoft Essentials, Malwarebytes and Avira, do I get tempted by the latest Amazon promotion which gives a 50% discount off a 50% discounted price for Kaspersky 2011 netting it down to about £11-50.

Is it worth it? or shall I stick to my freebie package?

  tigertop2 15:41 21 Oct 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials is a good free package

Why on earth would you want to pay for something you can get free? Look up some of the reviews on MSE--I doubt if you will want to switch.

  Woolwell 16:14 21 Oct 2010

I hope that you are not using MSE and Avira on the same systems as both are anti-virus and this is not a good idea.

  Muergo 16:49 21 Oct 2010

Yes Woolwell I was aware of clashes, Avira could not live with Panda but is so efficient and quietly runs in the background I only noticed it was there when it notifies a "catch". It appears not to clash with MSE but I will note any glitches.

One little detail, I have Threatfire somewhere buried in the system but inactivated, I can't find where it is, It doesn't show up on Revo or Windows Removal list but must be attached to another remnant somewhere. Cleaner wont show it up either but it appears on list of programs.

  Woolwell 19:04 21 Oct 2010

I would remove either MSE or Avira. When you install MSE it tells you to install any other anti-virus.

I have Kaspersky for free. I'm very happy with it. Malwarebytes never finds anything and SuperAntiSpyware only turns up a few harmless cookies.

However of the paid for security suites (and these are comprehensive suites - anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall, safe browsing, anti-phishing, etc and not just anti-virus) then Norton currently seems to get the best reviews. NOD32 and Kaspersky do well.

  jakimo 19:08 21 Oct 2010

Ive used Kaspersky for 3 years,and if I didnt have 125 days left to go I would jump at buying Kaspersky 2011 for £11.50.

And there would be the bonus of dropping the conflicting security software your currently running

  Poitier 11:15 22 Oct 2010

125 days soon go.
click here

  Muergo 03:48 23 Oct 2010

You surprise me with your opinion on Malwarebytes and SAS, but I concur, neither of them have thrown up anything over the years I have had them, perhaps get K and ditch the rest.

I know Norton gets a good write up but I can't read the colour screen on their pages, something that I have difficulty reading red script on a black background, I have the same trouble with BBC iPlayer, I wish I could change the appearance on that to give me any colour background but black.

  Woolwell 10:22 23 Oct 2010

I'm sorry I've mislead you about Malwarebytes and SAS. I think that they are good products. However since running Kaspersky both of them have not found any snags. In other words Kaspersky must be doing a good job.

  Sbrads 19:12 23 Oct 2010

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 for me, I've bought it after having 2009 and 2010 KIS with zero infections. It occasionally traps something or other which is good sign and safely gets you out of any dodgy sites. I double-check my system occasionally with Trend Micro's Housecall online scanner which is also very good going by reviews in magazines that I've seen.

To Muergo, you can alter individual web pages using Firefox and GreaseMonkey scripts, but it takes a bit of learning unless you're lucky and someone has already written one, there's some at click here.

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