Karoo and Outlook Express

  Josh123 20:30 13 Mar 2006

Has anyone successfully connected Outlook Express to the Karoo broadband e-mail service ?
I spent two hours trying to get Outlook Express on my sister's new Dell PC to connect to Karoo. Previously their Help Desk (closed on a weekend) had advised her (more or less a complete novice) that she she get a better wire to connect her modem to the phone socket ! This despite the fact that she was successfully roaming around the internet. I could access her e-mail through the Webmail interface but not via Express.
The stuff she had been told to put in the boxes didn't look much like the stuff I have used I have connected my own Outlook (but not Express) to my ISP's e-mail server (F2S)
I don't live in Hull so I am having to provide remote support. Any pointers would be most welcome.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:09 13 Mar 2006

Welcome to Karoo
click here

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 21:10 13 Mar 2006

Should have said, this is the karoo page which details pop3 / smtp server settings.

  Josh123 22:11 13 Mar 2006

Diodorus Siculus

Thanks for the links.
As far as I know I did follw those instructions but when I tried to Send/Receive Karoo repeatedly asked for the user name and password.
Have you yourself successfully connected Outlook Express to Karoo ?
I'll phone my sister tomorrow and talk her through the setings again, but I'm not too hopeful.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:25 13 Mar 2006

No - I'm a long way from Kingston upon Hull!

I'm not sure what the problem might be then.

  Cuddles 13:34 30 Mar 2006

I have recently moved to Hull from Essex so have gone from Blueyonder (10meg) to Karoo (3meg), i have configured Outlook and Outlook Express and they both work, do not think much of the Speedtouch Modem so have gone for Router, which was cheaper to buy from Dixons in Hull than it was to buy it from Karoo. If i can be of any help let me know.
Newuser007 is correct it does have to be the whole email address not just the user name.

  Josh123 16:41 30 Mar 2006

Cuddles & Newuser
Thanks for your suggestions. I am currently not at home (and not in Hull) so I can't put them into effect.
We have temporarily abandoned trying to get it working; she has been using the webmail interface. When I return home (Monday) I will tackle this issue again - subject to prising my sister away from her new grandson.
As you both suggested, we will make sure we use her full e-mail in the Account Name box.

I'll be back.

account name:your email address here
password:is your karoo net password

when you click send and recieve and it asks for user name and password etc use your full email address then your karoo password
it will only ask for it once

  Josh123 20:37 10 May 2006

[email protected]

Thanks for your advice; it worked.
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I had to wait until my sister's son was home for a week. Between us, with your help, we got it working.

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