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  BigAl127 18:45 03 May 2004

Does anyone know of any good software that will allow the use of a Karaoke CD on my P.C.

My reason for asking is, my 14yr old daughter has bought the "Pop Party - Hits for kids" music cd, which came with a Bonus Karaoke CD, which she is just dying to have a go at.

All advice welcome & appreciated.

  Gongoozler 18:51 03 May 2004

See if anything on this site helps click here

  QuickHare 18:56 03 May 2004

Most karaoke CDs are CDG discs which play on most audio CD equipment and some more specialist players which deal with the graphic portion of the disc.

A DVD player (such as Power DVD) may play CDG (Compact Disc and Graphics) discs. If not, search for a product that plays CDG discs, too.

If you play it on your Hi-fi, it should play the music (minus vocals), and it might play on the PC without additional software. No harm in popping it in and checking...

  BigAl127 19:29 03 May 2004

Thanks for the replies so far.

Am about to check out the link you gave me.


The cd works fine on my hi-fi for audio alone, and same with dvd player connected to the tv etc.

What i'm after is something that will play the music and show the words on the screen.
I don't fancy forking out for a dedicated karaoke player.

  slimbo51 20:13 03 May 2004

All plextor drives seem to read and write CD+G format.

Without the right read drive the Graphics will not show on screen, only the music will play.

Did some compilation work on them when I was in Cyprus a while ago.

All of them cut and played on commercial Karaoke equipment ok.

The S/Ware used was called Dart Karaoke. Its the absolute bees knees for anything to do with CD+G files.

  Stuartli 10:27 04 May 2004

Lot of info here too:

click here

on how to create, copy or play Audio Karaoke/CD+G discs?

  Old Shep 10:46 04 May 2004

This subject has been raised before click here I tried downloading all sorts of programs which supposedly did the trick but none seemed to work. Good luck I will keep watching let us know if you find one.

  QuickHare 12:47 04 May 2004

A point worth noting (even if it doesn't get you very far) is that the DVD drive should have come with some software for playing DVDs, such as PowerDVD. Could using that help? I know the type of disc is not exactly a DVD, but it might just work...

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