Kaput Wireless card?

  mousee 21:37 18 Oct 2009

My son's laptop spends its time between home and his Gran's, both houses have a secure wireless router and work fine, on Friday he tried to log on at his weekend retreat and couldn't, unless the ethernet cable was plugged in. I went round again this morning to try to sort it but, to no avail, I took a spare wireless router this afternoon and could connect using the ethernet cable, but would lose the connection if the cable was taken out, would the majority say the wireless card is "Donald Ducked"?

  Strawballs 00:34 19 Oct 2009

It is not something simple like the wireless accidently being switched off

  mousee 00:36 19 Oct 2009

No, the wireless is still turned on but is not recognised by the computer, it can't find any connections near me including my own.

  Strawballs 16:57 19 Oct 2009

Sounds like it's time for a USB or PCMCIA wireless card

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