Kapersky uses 99% of computer resources

  thorn 2 12:08 03 Apr 2015

I use Kaspersky Internet Security. Until recently it has worked unobtrusively. However it has started using upto 99% of the CPU, and also preventing email access. Kaspersky labs seem unable to deal with the problem. Is anyone else suffering?

  keverne 13:27 03 Apr 2015

Assuming you are using KIS 2015 right-click the Kaspersky icon in the taskbar.

Then select Settings > Performance > Computer resources > and make sure that both Concede resources to operating system when the computer starts and Concede resources to other applications are selected.

If the problem persists check that Perform Idle Scan is not enabled (only if really necessary).

  thorn 2 13:28 03 Apr 2015

I looked on the Kaspersky forums. It ssems a lot of people are affected, particularly those with POP3 email. Kaspersky do not publically acknowledge the problem (or even acknowledge there is a problem to those affected).

The recommended workaround seems to install KIS2014 (if you can find a copy) or use a secure connection for your emails


  keverne 13:46 03 Apr 2015

Have you anything like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or SUPERAntispyware installed which will also be running in the background?

  thorn 2 12:26 08 Apr 2015

No. Only Kaspersky Internet Security is active. No other security programs are either nstalled.

The problem does not occur all the time.

When the problem is active it seems to be triggered by Thunderbird trying to read my POP3 email: Start Thunderbird and get 25% usage by Kaspersky. It then ramps up in 25% jumps to almost 100%. POP3 emails cannot be downloaded when this is happening, although Gmail can be. Sometimes Internet access is blocked completely.

If you start Thunderbird and get 25% CPU usage by Kaspersky and then prompt Thunderbird to download POP3 email the CPU usage goes up by 25% each time. If starting Thunderbird does not cause this 25% usage by Kaspersky, emails can be downloaded perfectly normally.

I have not found what triggers the misbehavior.


  beynac 14:21 08 Apr 2015

There is a type of email which Kaspersky seems unable to deal with. My wife had this problem. The email looked fine but would not download. I went into her webmail and deleted it (after telling her of the contents). Everything then went back to normal. It happened again when she got another email from the same sender. I now divert mail from that sender to another email address which I monitor using webmail.

The latest information on the Kaspersky forum suggests that they have now found a solution, which will be released in the next mini patch (b)

  stevethetester 17:28 08 Apr 2015


Never come across this with my kaspersky 2015 setup; but would like to mention that the current version is now (c) as (b) was upgraded in the last week or so.

  beynac 18:13 08 Apr 2015

Hi stevethetester: Is it Kaspersky Internet Security that you are referring to? My information, from the Kaspersky forum, is that an "unofficial" patch (b) has only just been tested by the person who has been helping Kaspersky support to solve the problem. Support are apparently pushing forward the release of the patch, but no date yet. This was on 6th April. It's strange that you have got (b) and (c).

  beynac 18:25 08 Apr 2015

Just wanted to amend my above post for stevethetester: Is it the latest version of KIS 2015 you have? This is

  stevethetester 17:39 09 Apr 2015


Sorry about delay in responding but mine is running the previous version 15.01.415(c) on windows 8.1.Am currently downloading the version you appear to be having issues with and will be re-installing kaspersky to see if this creates any of the issues you are having;I find it strange that it hasn't updated to this version and having checked my wife's pc the version shown is a different one again... Will get back to you once I see what happens asap. Steve

  stevethetester 17:22 11 Apr 2015

To follow up- no issues with my set up; looks like hit and miss for some.

Good luck


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