K9 Parental Controls

  Dellman 15:33 24 Jun 2007

I have just downloaded this. I use Windows XP. K9 seems to restrict websites regardless of the user profile. However do you configure by User account? Anyone know?

  SANTOS7 15:36 24 Jun 2007

click here

this may help..

  Dellman 15:45 24 Jun 2007

When K9 Web Protection is installed, it will protect every computer account with the same filter settings. It is currently not possible to configure K9 with different settings per user. We hope to add this "multiple user profiles" feature to a future version of K9.

  SANTOS7 15:59 24 Jun 2007

Don't need the prog myself kids are grown up 17 and 19 but have to say it looks like a very useful tool for those parents who have young-uns that want to surf the net safely,good luck...

  Halmer 17:23 24 Jun 2007

It is excellent. I have used it along with a chat to my lad after a few concerns. Boys will be boys including me.

My only concern is whether there are any privacy issues given that it seems to be a web based filter. Can someone else look at you site visits for example?

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