K7S5a with AMD 1800xp model 8 Thouroughbred probs

  BillyBee 19:49 13 Jan 2003
  BillyBee 19:49 13 Jan 2003

Have I been sold the wrong processor, “1800xp model 8 Thoroughbred” running on an “ECS K7S5A ver 3.1 bios date 08/09/2002 s.

Three times since acquiring about 2 weeks ago, on start-up computer has reverted to original set-up of 1150 MHz, even date and time has reverted to 08/09/2002, giving messages “CMOS SETTING WRONG” & “CMOS MEMORY SIZE WRONG” requiring me to press F1 and run set-up.

computer shop that sold these to me is sure that the K7S5a will run with the “1800xp model 8 Thoroughbred” CPU.

AMD states ECS K7S5a is a recommended motherboards for “1800xp model 6”, ECS K7S5a is not on recommended list for “1800xp model 8”
ECS site just states Athlonxp will run on ECS K7S5a

  Rayuk 20:52 13 Jan 2003

Try clearing the CMOS then go back into bios and change any settings you need to.
Just make sure cpu is set at 133

  Rayuk 20:57 13 Jan 2003

Check this lates bios out ahs something to do with saving CMOS
click here
just make sure its the right version of motherboard

  BillyBee 21:34 13 Jan 2003

will check that out, don't fancy updating bios though.

emailed AMD & ECS to verify if model 8 has been tested with my mobo, no response from AMD yet, ECS answered with "change cmos battery" ???

already changed battery, not that.


  BillyBee 07:27 14 Jan 2003


  powerless 07:35 14 Jan 2003

click here same problem, try the advice given there. They also say replace the battery.

  BillyBee 07:46 14 Jan 2003

this machine boots and run ok most of the time, but 3 times now, from cold it has come up with this prob, have changed battery, original one was tested and ok, so not battery.

looks like bios update needed.


  phatjayunoi 09:55 14 Jan 2003

a bios update really isnt really needed since all you need to do is change the FBS settings to 133/133 and it should work! i have the same mobo with an 1700xp and when i first booted up the first time, my cpu was only recognised as 1100 mhz but after i changed the fbs, it went to the full 1700!

  BillyBee 12:00 14 Jan 2003

under normal circumstances fsb settings are 133/133, three times now it has reset itself to as new, 100/100 1150 MHz original date of 08/09/02 etc, won't boot and requires me to press F1 and reset bios, then ok for several bootups, no set pattern for this problem.


  BillyBee 22:24 14 Jan 2003

one last bump, just in case any more ideas.

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