K755A Motherboard Failure

  fistral13 14:20 24 Nov 2008

This is a follow-up to my previous subject of Minimum PSU Size for K755A Motherboard.

With the computer configured as "bare bones" and switching on I get no response at all.

I have then followed the advice given below:

If the PC isn't booting at all, make sure you have at least the minimums in the machine required to make it work: processor, a full bank of memory, video card, and a drive. Make sure that all of these are inserted correctly into the motherboard, especially the memory. Partially inserted memory modules can cause all sorts of bizarre behavior.

Remove all optional devices from the motherboard, including expansion cards, external peripherals, etc. and see if the problem can be resolved.

Double-check all the motherboard jumper settings, carefully.

Make sure they are all correct.

In particular, check the processor type, bus speed, clock multiplier and voltage jumpers.

Also make sure the CMOS clear and flash BIOS jumpers are in their normal, default operating positions.

All jumpers are in positions recommended in the K755A Motherboard instruction manual.

Still no beeps to be heard.

  fistral13 16:55 24 Nov 2008

Also checked were Front Panel connections for hard disk LED and reset switch. Then ATX 20 pin Power Connector, Fan Power Connectors and Internal speaker header.
JP1 (Clear CMOS Jumper) has jumper on pins 2-3 of 3.

  fistral13 17:13 24 Nov 2008

Memory Modules installed are two off identical 256MB DDR SDRAM.
Hard Disk Drive for test purposes is Western Digital Caviar 22100, 4092 cyls 16 heads 63 spl 2111.8 MB.
No CD-ROM connected at this stage.
Floppy Diskette Drive not connected.
Nothing in AGP Slot.
Only PCI Slot in use is for graphics.
No ports in use for PS/2 Mouse, PS/2 Keyboard, LPT1, COM1, Audio Ports, LAN Port or USB Ports.

  fistral13 17:16 24 Nov 2008

As the computer is still "Dead" is there any further check I can make?

  chub_tor 18:57 24 Nov 2008

Are you getting power anywhere? ie can you see and hear the processor fan, PSU fan and case fan spinning up?

If it is totally dead it sounds like a PSU fault.

  fistral13 22:55 24 Nov 2008

No power anywhere, including trying a 'good' 550W PSU.
No fans spinning at all.

How can I find out whether the motherboard is RECEIVING power supplies from the ATX connector?

  chub_tor 09:57 25 Nov 2008

click here is a guide to setting up a K7S5A system and might point into a good troubleshoot direction.

  fistral13 18:46 11 Dec 2008

I had a discussion about where the front panel connectors go on the K7S5A motherboard.

See the postings at;
[url]click here[/url]

When the connector naming was sorted out and appropriate pins on JP1 were used, I now have CPU fan and Case fan spinning as they should on pressing the power button. The Power LED is also working.

I have continued testing a K7S5A motherboard with the cpu already on the boards.
As to the rest I am running barebones, i.e. PSU, 512Mb DDR RAM, Video Card, Screen, Mouse, Keyboard and Hard Drive (With a "stick in my ear" I can hear the HD running).

A good Video Card in a PCI slot not giving a signal to monitor. Is this an indication that the CPU is not functioning correctly?

What else can I try?

  chub_tor 19:21 11 Dec 2008

Which PCI slot are you using for the Graphics card?

I have just looked in my old K7S5A Pro manual as I remembered a fault that I had when I built it many moons ago. It clearly says in the section under Expansion Slots "PCI1 slot does not concurrently work with USB2.0 controller. Therfore you must disable the USB2.0 controller through the BIOS setup before using the PCI1 slot."

Inpractise what this means of course that if you want to have USB2 enabled in the BIOS, and most of us would, then you cannot use PCI slot 1, that is the one nearest the AGP graphics slot.

  canarieslover 21:56 11 Dec 2008

No mention of that in K7S5A manual that I've got. It only supports USB1 anyway. Not a bad idea to swap graphics card to another slot as I had problems with a modem being slot fussy on that board. My son is still using this as an internet surfing machine though I had to put an ethernet card in it. Good job its got all those PCI slots.

  fistral13 23:01 11 Dec 2008

I have tried the Graphics Card in PSI Slot3, then in Slot4, Finally in Slot5.

Still no signal to Monitor.

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