K7 Triton mobo - RAM upgrade not recognised

  PA28 19:40 17 Feb 2007

I have the above motherboard (GA-7N400) with an Athlon 3200, 1gb (2 x 512mb) Kingston DDR400 RAM running on XP SP2.

I have bought two more identical sticks of the same Kingston 512mb RAM and have put them in the empty slots to give a total 2GB capacity. They aren't recognised at all by the system. The system is still working as reliably as ever, but only reports 1gb RAM in place. Any ideas please?

  skidzy 19:43 17 Feb 2007

What does belarc and SIW say ?
Belarc click here
SIW click here

  Technotiger 19:45 17 Feb 2007

This might help ....

click here

  PA28 19:45 17 Feb 2007

skidzy - 1Gb!

  Eric10 19:48 17 Feb 2007

Have you tried running with the original memory removed and just the new memory installed to make sure that this doesn't have a problem?

  Technotiger 19:50 17 Feb 2007

or this - near the end of the page ...

click here

  ed-0 20:32 17 Feb 2007

If you run 4 sticks of memory in this motherboard. The first two sticks can be either double sided or single sided. The last two sticks of ram MUST be the same type,size and single sided ram.

Are the last two single sided?

  cycoze 20:55 17 Feb 2007

I have two of the pro versions of this Board and confirm what ed-0 has said.

For 4 memory modules...
Channel A = DIMM 1+2, both Double or Single sided.

Channel B = DIMM 3+4, both Single sided only.

  PA28 11:55 18 Feb 2007

Ah. Single sided. All sticks are the same (Kingston KVR400X64C3A/512). I believe that these are double sided (can someone confirm please?). This may well be the root cause of the problem.

  sidecar sid 13:25 18 Feb 2007

Would appear to be double sided
I.e. Chips on both sides

click here

  PA28 15:08 19 Feb 2007

Many thanks. Chips going back.

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