K5S5A and AMD advice

  Derek 07:07 04 Jan 2003
  Derek 07:07 04 Jan 2003

Have the latest K7S5A MB with Socket A using DDR and a GeForce2 MX200. Thought I might upgrade the existing Duron 1.3 GHz to something better?
Dare not do it until some of you give advice on two fronts.
A. What might be the advantages.
B. what about cost.

Many thanks in advance DM.

  powerless 07:28 04 Jan 2003

May i ask why you want a faster processor?

The 1.3GHz Duron is fastest duron currently availbale. It is a fast processor.

So to upgrade you would need to go the bigger brother... The Athlon's !

According to click here your motherboard can accept an Athlon processor (socket A).

Prices well take a look at click here click here

  powerless 07:32 04 Jan 2003

Depends what you use your computer for, video editng, file encoding, computer gaming, a faster processor will speed it all up.


If you just use your computer for email, surfing, word processing, listening to music...Forget the faster processor, you wont notice a difference.

  jazzypop 07:36 04 Jan 2003

According to this link - click here - your mobo will support up to an Athlon 2100. Be very careful to check the exact revision of your motherboard first though, and you may well have to flash the BIOS to be able to use this speed of processor.

Assuming that you can use this, you will see a noticeable increase when performing CPU-intensive tasks, such as graphics manipulation, spreadsheet calculations, etc.

As for costs - Scan were selling Athlon 2100 retail CPUs for £81 just before Xmas. I'm sure someone else will point you at a slightly cheaper site :)

One thing to bear in mind - you will probably shift your bottleneck to your graphics card (if you upgrade your CPU), as your MX200 is quite under-powered for gaming and graphics work, although fine for office tasks.

  Derek 09:39 04 Jan 2003

Many thanks to all of you. Advice and 'clicking' done and taken, I'll leave well alone.

Kindesr regards DM

  Derek 09:42 04 Jan 2003

Many thanks to all of you. Advice and 'clicking' done and taken, I'll leave well alone.

Kindesr regards DM

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