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  Les 14:33 04 Feb 2004

My neighbour has a JVC digital camera and has decided that, in addition to using it as a video camera he wants to take stills too. The problem is that he has no idea of how to download these images to his computer. The software is as supplied by JVC and there doesn't appear to be any literature or help provided with it - perhaps there was but he's not going to admit to losing it :-)

Is there anyone with a JVC and it's supplied software who can give advice on the procedures necessary to do what he wishes?


  MichelleC 15:12 04 Feb 2004

They need a firewire card and cable (circa £30) and here's a free dv editor click here

When installing use the windows generic driver for firewire card. If they're on xp there may be (or not) a dv camcord driver prob.

  Les 19:35 04 Feb 2004

After I had posted the original message - I went back and had another try, using his software and following the instructions for connecting the camera to the computer. The connection is via the serial port for speed is not essential with still images. After experimenting with COM1 to COM4 in the drop down list and then clicking on the album icon I was amazed to see the photos were there, having, apparently been downloaded from the memory card in the camera. However, there were a few missing, one a complete blank and the remainder shown in all their perfection :-)). The missing ones were not at the beginning or the end but randomly throughout the 39 images. The software is definately not intuitative at all and I'm afraid that he somehow created another Album icon on the page - I told him to delete that icon as it was not needed - when I returned he had not managed to delete the surplus icon - both of them were still there but his photos had gone, both from the camera and, as far as I know - until tomorrow - from his disk drive too. The lack of documentation to this software is not what I would expect from JVC and, I must add, I wouldn't personally buy one, however I may be doing them an injustice for I can't be sure that he did have the documents only to lose them later - it is possible, for his lack of care in computer matters is appalling - ie:- he doesn't believe in keeping a copy of his data - very foolish. Were he not my next door neighbour I wouldn't bother at all.

Anyway, Michelle, thanks for your contribution but I can't see him getting a firewire card etc and I don't feel inclined to download 9 megabytes of program on his behalf. His internet connection is Pay as you go - nuf said!

Thanks again


  LastChip 20:02 04 Feb 2004

I have a JVC camcorder, but do not use the "still" function, and therefore couldn't offer any advice on how to approach the issue. In fact, with my recorder, they don't even include the software.

I have to say, the camera is excellent, but JVC's manuals are appalling. Badly written, leaving you to guess how to fill in the gaps.

Frankly, I think if they don't improve on customer care, they will be out of business in the not too distant future, as other manufacturers (notably Samsung) are leaving them way behind. They have not the first idea how to write the simplest tasks. In that respect, very disappointing.

  Les 23:12 05 Feb 2004

I was fortunate to get a copy of the Picture Navigator - easily obtainable by typing Picture Navigator in the search box and selecting the English version (in PDF form) from the many which come up on screen. Now it's up to him to follow the instructions from this 24 page manual!


  lightfeet 08:02 06 Feb 2004

I have a JVC GR-D70 camcorder & find it a great piece of kit & it's easy to use. To download stills all I do is move the VIDEO/MEMORY switch, which is under the flip out screen, to MEMORY, put camera in Play mode, connect the camera to the USB socket using the supplied cable, go to My Computer, click the F Drive & the Camera folders will appear.
I also use the camcorder for converting my analogue (Hi8) & VHS tapes to digital for editing using Windows MovieMaker 2 with terrific results. I am so pleased with this little unit & it was relatively cheap.

  Bagsey 08:10 06 Feb 2004

Not sire what card the JVC has but suspect an SD card. If so why not get a cheap reader and ttransfer photo with that. Much less hassle than the cable as the reader can be left fixed to PC.For cheap readers look at
click here

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