Just a warning for those who like p2p

  Taw® 21:10 27 Jul 2004

My daughter in her wisdom installed Winmx, because thats what kids do!! I have just spent a weekend plus many many hours getting rid of spyware,Trojans and searchbars, that just kept loading and loading no matter what I did. With help from this forum, recently and over the past months, I now have her machine free and running very nicely. (Fingers crossed) I will now sit her down and extol the virtues of P2P!! me thinks not!!! in the hope that she will listen to her old man. This is not a query but just a thanks to those that offer their assistance freely and without reward or recognition, and a warning to those that believe there are things for free in this life. Many thanks to all who have assisted

  harps1h 21:24 27 Jul 2004

try limewire it's adfree. they like you to upload as well to keep it all going.

i use it and have had no problems

  grabster 21:30 27 Jul 2004

Ditto,a couple of weeks ago i also had the pleasure of using my hard earned weekend off cleaning our family pc from all manner of nasties ,which,i hasten to add , i couldnt have done without the help i recieved here.
All thanks to eldest daughter using Kazaalite even though ive told her countless times about the pitfalls of using such programs.
Sheesh.... theres no talking to some people.

  grabster 21:37 27 Jul 2004

It doesnt matter which p2p you use, as a large majority of the files available are merely virus ridden rubbish which we can do without.
Just my personal opinion mind you but you may feel the same when your pc hits the deck and you have to spend hours getting it back to a normal state.

  Taw® 21:49 27 Jul 2004

harps1h feel you may have missed my point about p2p!! Don't get me wrong and I'm not being judgemental, everyone to there own, I was just relaying to those who consider p2p safe what the possible consequences are. I think I got of lightly, however a weekend of work spent trawling through posts, files and my eyes glued to a monitor is not my enjoyable weekend. (Sorry to those techies that enjoy such treats!!)

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