Just A Straight Answer, MP3 To Midi > How?

  Mad Boy 21:21 27 Jan 2003

im forever posting this question alongside many others, in this forum and a few others. Searching in Google,Altavista,yahoo etc seems to be a waste of time too.

So cutting the usuall mumbo jumbo, straight to the point:

> Is it actually possible to convert mp3/wav to the midi sequence format?

> What tools,software etc are available?
Freeware,Shareware whatever the license, where can i find a suitable prog.

> Nothing complex just something that does the job!

I and i can guarantee, many other users would really like to know this 1!

Thanking in advance,

Mad Boy

P.S No, Sonic Foundrey's Sound Forge does not convert MP3 to MIDI as i was once told from here.

  MAJ 21:40 27 Jan 2003

it can't be done.

  Elrond 21:44 27 Jan 2003

NO I don't think it can be done either. Technically you're trying to split a music file down into its component instruments. As a final wav/mp3 is one big mix i wud think it wud b very difficult to do this

  Mad Boy 22:06 27 Jan 2003

oh, i actually believe there is a way, a tool called intelli sound i think, but downside being you have to tap the beat into it with space bar whilst playing your song, its only a demo thus only 30sec per song recording. Looks like this is one of those impossible to do things

  Pesala 15:04 28 Jan 2003

I expect you noticed that Midi files are many times smaller than WAV or MP3 files. Wouldn't it be nice if all our MP3 files could be reduced to 10% of the file size?

It is rather like try to convert JPG iamges to vector graphics. Even though the JPG format is highly compressed you can save loads of space with certain files, but the formats are fundamentally different. Photographs are very hard to convert to vector graphics.

Just a hunch, but I suspect that songs or orchestral music would be hard to convert to Midi, while banjo, piano, or harp music convert very well.

Midi tracks, if I have understood it rightly, are instructions to play instruments that are hardwired into your sound card.

However, having said all that, there must be a way to create Midi files from sound recordings. Keep on searching, and let us know what you find.

  Mad Boy 15:32 28 Jan 2003

well Pesala, the reason being is well, think of the possibilities you can have with midi instead of mp3. I mean although they dont sound as good in some opinions (i like them) if you were to develop games for example they are such a small file size you wouldnt know they were there. you could put background music for a game in midi format and what memory would that take, approx 60.KB, where as if you take an average MP3 then well, your looking at what, 3.50MB or so? So you can see my point right, another good thing is they can be embedded nicely into Html, thus background music, Nice!

So i think people you can see where im getting at here right?

Ill keep looking (another 20 days and twenty nights!) and "IF" !!!! i find anything then i will be delighted and tell folk round here.

Thanks for your posts all the same,


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