just started bt broadband 3 hours ago, any tips?

  barn 00:50 16 Nov 2006

I've been offline for nearly twelve months now, which is a long time in computing standards. just activated BT Broadband and would like any tips to help me enjoy a trouble free surfing experience?
I've got a 3 year old pc which seems to stand up well to the traffic and I'm running panda anti- virus and firewall (free off another mag for 3 months).
Used to be on here quite a bit but its been a long time. any tips would be greatly appreciated cos I'm very much out of date. Thanks in anticipation. Barn

  wolfie3000 01:35 16 Nov 2006

Well my first tip would be to update everything,

Windows first.

click here

Then your anti virus and firewall if needed.

Also it might be wise to update all your drivers such as graphics card, sound card ect....

You might want to get spyware blaster and spybot.

click here

click here

Also Ccleaner to remove any junk from your pc.

click here

Iv probably forgotten a few things but im sure others will point them out.

Good luck.

  pac73 01:37 16 Nov 2006

Have you got antispyware installed.If not put these on:Adaware se,Spybot s+d,avg antispyware,spywareblaster,spywareguard,and winpatrol.You can get most of these from,filehippo.com.And their all free.

  barn 01:47 16 Nov 2006

I'm not not sure how many of these anti wotsits I need. My Panda antivirus and firewall seems to have taken care of immediate problems, so I don't want to overload my old processor by running millions of anti spy-ware gizmos. Whats the cleanest, quickest way of ensuring safety online for a newbie! (I'm not, exactly, but I am 12 months out of date).
I knew I had to have anti-virus and firewall up and running before I even attempted to connect my router. Did so, and still concerned, cos BT haven't been much help. It all works, but I'm the worlds greatest cynic! As I said, thanks for all your input. barn

  barn 01:52 16 Nov 2006

Won't that just use up resources on an old pc that I could use on something else? Can't you jusdt tell me the best one and I'll use that? Sorry to be picky! I've used this forum for aq long time now and I know I can ask anything as long as I'm polite!

  rupie 01:53 16 Nov 2006

Now a days nost of us use zone alarm and avg for our virus and firewall sofrware. I had to go to bt because everyone else said I was too far from the exchange but have had no problems. I realy wanted BT to be rubbish and unhelpful but they weren't I do live on rurual area and so contention ratios are not a big issue.

there are still the usual people who rant and rave about everything. Lots of people still do not read your offering properly before giving advice and wonder why you ignore them.

I thing that lots of things hasve changed but the faults are still basically the same; the only major advance is in wireless networking and moaning. Pc advisor members are good at these.

  barn 02:01 16 Nov 2006

thanks pac73 for your suggestions, but do you see why, after I've spent a day cleaning my PC in readiness for the famed BT Broadband, I'm reluctant to install half a dozen different spyware programs. I'd like to know which is the best and then I'll install that one (only). Am I being silly here or is your route the best way to go? I'd love it if more people added their knowledge right here

  wolfie3000 02:06 16 Nov 2006

I would go for SPybot, ad-aware ccleaner and spyware blaster.

Spybot can run in the background keeping you safe,

Ad-aware will scan your pc only when you instruct it to do so,

Ccleaner cleans out old junk only.

And spyware blaster stops you from going onto dodgy sites.

Use them and you should be quite safe, those are the ones i use on my pc and never had any problems.

  barn 02:10 16 Nov 2006

Thanks mate, thats what I wanted to know. I appreciate you taking the time with that. this issue is now resolved

  barn 02:12 16 Nov 2006

Good too see that there's still people on this site that take it seriously when you ask a real question

  barn 02:15 16 Nov 2006

Can't find spybot, but I will! Consider this resolved. Thanks from barn

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