Just some basic ie help please

  misters 18:15 25 Sep 2007

Hi i recently changed my isp to talk talk now each time i dial into the internet its there homepage that open up even though i changed the properties in ie.
Does anyone know of another way of me changing this each time i connect to the net?
Thanx in advance

  mfletch 18:21 25 Sep 2007

Hi, Did you go to the page you want as your home page{IE7}then Click tools
Internet options
General tab
Use current
Dont forget to click APPLY


  v1asco 18:22 25 Sep 2007

Don't know if you meant internet options not propertis.

Go to a page you like, click tools, internet options, use current, apply.

  misters 18:28 25 Sep 2007

Yes thats what i did sorry i never made myself clear.
So after doing what you both suggestedeven clicking apply, it still opens my isp hp wen i connected t the net, any more suggestions would be appreciated?
Thanx in advance

  mfletch 18:34 25 Sep 2007


Some security programs stop you from changing your home page,

Superantispyware is one of them,

Check to see if any of your;s does the same.


  misters 18:55 25 Sep 2007

How do i check thanx i'm a total novice at this?
Thanx in advance

  misters 12:05 27 Sep 2007


  mfletch 12:16 27 Sep 2007

We would want to know what you have installed eg/ spybot> Adaware?spywareblaster>avast AVG etc,


  Eric10 12:31 27 Sep 2007

I'm not sure if this would have a bearing on your problem but are you connecting to the Internet from an IE icon or from a dedicated TalkTalk icon?

  recap 12:37 27 Sep 2007

If you are connecting via IE icon, there may be a toolbox folder in the TalkTalk man folder in Explorer. To find out, Right Click Start select Explore and navigate to the TalkTalk folder, expand the folder and delete the toolbox folder.

Reboot the system, you should now be able to select which ever HomePage you want.

  misters 14:28 27 Sep 2007

Hi i checked my talktalk folder but i dont see any reference to a toolbox folder.

I connect through a talk talk icon its the only way i see possible unless there is some other way.

I do have spybot/adware and i also use avg as my av software and zonealarm as my firewall.

Is there anything else i could try?
Thanx in advance

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