Just setup my Widescreen Monitor , there a red dot

  woofwoofbark 22:29 08 Feb 2007

I have ordered a Monitor through my catalogue , It has arrived and Ive set it up ok , Its a HANNS-G HW919D , but ive noticed that there is a red dot near the bottom of the screen on the taskbar , its situated at the same point from startup and it seems its a fault on the screen ? ive always used the crt monitors and decided to try a TFT widescreen monitor , anyway is there a way to deal with the dot or is it a case of having to replace the monitor.

Sorry , not very technical here.

Any help or advice will be appreciated, thanks.

BTUnlimited Guy

  woofwoofbark 22:31 08 Feb 2007

its acctually a HANNS-G HW191D , I read reviews on the net before purchasing it and it has recieved glowing reviews.


  SANTOS7 22:44 08 Feb 2007

sounds like a defective pixel. It may not be completely dead if it's appearing as a different color (red). It's possible that some of the other colors are burned out (each pixel is made of red/blue/green).
There is a theory, and it does work, if you use something like a cottonbud and very carefully rub where the dead pixel is they can be stimulated back to life again, if it cannot you will have go to the manufacturers website and look up their policy on dead pixels...

Most manufacturers will only regard the monitor as faulty if there are more than 5 or 6 (I can't remember the exact number) dead pixels.

If you only have one, you will have a slim chance of getting it replaced. There are some manufacturers that operate a zero dead pixel policy but these are the exception, not the norm.

  Totally-braindead 23:34 08 Feb 2007

You might have a case under the distance selling act if they refuse to replace it. It depends how it was bought.
Someone who knows more about this will have to comment but I have seen mention, last time by the Forum Editor that under the distance selling act you are within your rights to return an item within 7 days and you do not need to give a reason for it.
I'm sure if I have got that slightly wrong someone will correct me but as far as I can recall that is what was said.

  User-312386 00:07 09 Feb 2007

You are correct

You can return the product under the distance selling act.

However, you may have to pay for P&P

  sean-278262 01:30 09 Feb 2007

click here

run this video on full screen for a few hours to overnight. This has in the past fixed sticky pixels for me. My father's TFT had 4 stuck ones, now it only has 2!

  woofwoofbark 12:40 09 Feb 2007

can someone please explain "distance selling act" as I have not heard of it.

anyway ... the way I see it is that I have just had it delivered from the catalogue , I have not registered the monitor on the product's website so maybe I should just have it returned/exchanged through the catalogue , I know they give so many days approval before I would have to eventually own it outright ???

I'll call the catalogue and see what they say.

Thanks again for the replys.


  woodchip 12:51 09 Feb 2007

Return it

  Arnie 13:55 09 Feb 2007
  woofwoofbark 16:48 13 Feb 2007

I contacted the catalogue yesterday and they didnt hesitate when I asked for a replacement monitor.In less than 24 hours the monitor was returned and a new one has been delivered.

Many thanks too all for your replys, very much apprecited as always.


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