Just replaced hard drive and PC is now freezing

  edenworkshops 10:07 24 Aug 2008


Thank you for looking.

I recently purchased an new 80GB seagate hard drive on eBay.

The person concerned had 2300 sales to his credit and had 100% feedback.

The hard drive was cheap, only £15.00 plus postage, it was advertised as "new and sealed"

In fact it was only sealed with a sticky label.

But anyway, I have just finished installing Windows and all my software on this new hard drive and yesterday I started getting error messages.

If I was using Firefox for example, I would get a message saying Firefox.exe has generated errors and must be closed.

Also yesterday the PC started to freeze.

Now seriously, do you think I shot myself in the foot by purchasing a very cheap hard drive or do you think that these error messages and the freezing could be caused by other things.

My PC is scanned daily, I am doing another right now.

Your advice will be welcome, thank you.


  Technotiger 10:16 24 Aug 2008

If you have only started having these problems since fitting the 'new' hard drive, then I would suspect the drive.

But you could double-check the actual fittings, cables etc and the jumper settings, just to make sure that all are as they should be.

  ICF 10:23 24 Aug 2008

What make od drive is it?
Most manufacture have download-able diagnostic software to check there drive.

  edenworkshops 10:34 24 Aug 2008

Thank you for your replies.

Yes Technotiger I would suspect the hard drive, but I just wondered if these types of errors and the freezing could also be caused by the motherboard failing or something like that.

Thank you ICF the drive is a seagate.


  Technotiger 10:43 24 Aug 2008

If the mobo has been behaving perfectly ok up to now, I would not expect a 'new' hard drive to have any effect on it. Having said that, yes, the mobo could cause similar symptoms if it was faulty - but if the hard drive is the only thing you have recently changed, then that has to be the main suspect.

Or you might simply have dislodged something else while extracting the old and fitting the 'new' hard drive, like for instance RAM and any of your PCI boards!

  edenworkshops 10:46 24 Aug 2008

Thank you again technotiger

The general opinion seems to be suspect the hard drive.

It looks like another windows install on another hard drive then.

Thank you


  hastelloy 11:07 24 Aug 2008

and download the diagnostic software first. This could prove/disprove that the drive is at fault.

  Bris 11:28 24 Aug 2008

Check the system event viewer. If the disk is the culprit you will see lots of red markers against the disk if not you will see lots of red markers against something else which should point you in the right direction.

  edenworkshops 11:41 24 Aug 2008

Ok where is the system event viewer :)

I am running windows 2000 is this something that comes with XP?


  Technotiger 11:45 24 Aug 2008

Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer at least that is how it is in XP.

  Bris 11:49 24 Aug 2008

Its in XP and VISTA but dont know about 2000 but my guess is that it has to be there somewhere. In XP you get to it as follows control panel/performance and maintenance/administrative tools/omputer management/event viewer/system. If you cant find anything like this try a search in the help and support centre from the start menu?

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