Just a reminder

  Forum Editor 08:55 24 Apr 2004

That we will delete (without reference to the originator) any thread or post which contains a recommendation that other forum users should boycott a supplier - "Please don't buy products from company X". We're not here to provide a platform for vendettas or for sweeping judgments based on a single incident, or received information from a third party.

We'll also continue to delete posts which contain unacceptable words thinly disguised with asterisks, no matter how valid the rest of the post might be.

  johnnyrocker 10:38 24 Apr 2004

well said guv.


  billyliv 11:26 24 Apr 2004

Hi, With you all the way. Cheers, Bill

  Meshuga 13:02 24 Apr 2004

FE. Well said, it needs clamping down on. Meshuga.

  stalion 13:17 24 Apr 2004

F.E. and noted.Regards

  €dstowe 13:21 24 Apr 2004

I agree with all of the above but I think it a great shame that this reminder has to be posted so often.

I also think it is very unfortunate for those who are unable to contribute here without resorting to socially unacceptable terminology. Don't get me wrong, I can swear as well as anyone but here is certainly no place to practice that.


  stalion 13:56 24 Apr 2004


  GaT7 15:01 24 Apr 2004

I agree. Let's have some perspective & keep it fair & clean. As €dstowe says, it's a shame that we have to be reminded again & again.

  citadel 15:29 24 Apr 2004

Is it not possible to have a "read this first" that permanently stays in position one on the forums. This could contain information about posting and the do's and dont's.

  Mikè 15:33 24 Apr 2004
  Robotic_Rob 15:51 24 Apr 2004

I dont agree at all!

Naughty words - Whats wrong with havin a system that stars out these words! And have a black list, and as you see new forms of naughty words, you stick that on the blacklist. Many other forums do this! So they aint a need to delete the post!

And what about if something is a scam or the products they produce is complete (insert naughty word(s) here!) and the fool people to buy it! So you cant give peeps advice/warn them about these.

I thought this was a forum site was where you help/advise/warn others about things. So to me this warning sounds completly stupid. And your ConsumerWatch forum shouldnt be even on the site!

Come on i cant be the only 1 that things this way!

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