just reinstalled xp but have question.

  hugh-265156 00:14 02 Apr 2003

xp home packard bell pc.just went mad and decided to do a total format reinstall and spent the last six hours setting up all updates etc lol!all went well tweaked services etc and its flyin!what i would like to know is i only have a restore floppy that came with the pc and it didnt give me the option to not install the "software" that came with it.i have not clicked on any shortcuts to these programs and want to remove them.they are not listed in add remove programs.so can i just delete the folders in explorer?examples of the programs are aol set up freeserve set up power dvd 4 real player msn 4 all of which i either have updates or full versions of that i would rather have.once i have got it all de gunked completly can you suggest a drive image tool.oh and another thing i just plugged in my ntl cable without set up cd and its a hell of a lot faster is it only nesessary to use this for regestering first time?just set it up manually.cheers folks.

  Djohn 00:26 02 Apr 2003

As to all your shortcuts, that you no longer need then yes, bin em.

Any othr progs. that you want to remove, do so from the add/remove panel, if they are not in there then as you say find the folders and send them the same way. J.

  hugh-265156 00:45 02 Apr 2003

thank you Djohn.

  hugh-265156 22:51 02 Apr 2003

ok have got rid of all the junk just downloaded avg again installed and updated but got a need to close error great!had a check in event viewer and it says error true vector C \ internet logs been deleted.and error huggys pc was corrupt and has and has been copied to C\internet logs XDBC.tmp and error as above but AMDB.RDB was corrupt restoring from C\internet logs.RDB then says logs.rdb has been deleted and copied to C\internet logsXBB.tmp.sorry to go on but just want to give as much info as i can.and when i try to change paging file to a fixed instead of system managed size i get blue screen of death.i uninstalled avg and problem gone.reinstalled it and back to all of the above.thanks guys.

  pc moron 23:59 02 Apr 2003

Check your BIOS and see if virus protection is enabled for your hard drive's boot sector.

If it is, disable it, and try AVG again.

  monkeyshine 00:00 03 Apr 2003

True Vector is part of Zone Alarm.

  hugh-265156 00:07 03 Apr 2003

thanks i know that.no option in bios for antivirus.i had avg before i did the reinstall of xp.

  pc moron 00:15 03 Apr 2003

See monkeyshine's post, make sure there's nothing running when you install AVG.

  Djohn 00:20 03 Apr 2003

Sorry to hear you have a problem, and I'm not sure of the answer, but if it helps to eliminate any of the options you are trying, then I feel sure that the removal of any surplus shortcuts/folders that come with XP, will not have caused them.

One of the first things I have always done after an install of any version of windows, is to remove all unnecessary shortcuts and folders associated with various ISP programs and also all temp. install files.

Then do a defrag before adding rest of software. This way, it ensures all the unwanted files/folders are removed safely before adding the ones you wish to keep. Regards. J.

  hugh-265156 00:44 03 Apr 2003

i did just that and defraged ran chkdsk after.so much for my spring clean.LOL!definitly avg that causes the problem.im puzzled as when it was installed before i had norton and a load of other stuff and it caused no problems.system is stable untill i install this.i really dont want another antivirus as was very happy with avg.xp is patched and updated to the full.

  hugh-265156 00:47 03 Apr 2003

just adding to above after i deleted folders i also go rid of reg entries too.

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