Just rebuilt pc, got problem.

  wky 20:50 20 Aug 2007

Hi, I had some old components lying around which only needed a new mother board, so I rebuilt it. But I tried switching the pc on, the fans would flicker to life for a second before it switches off. It's an amd athlon 64 processor and I've plugged the fan and the atx four pin socket in, also plugged into the power is the dvd rw drive, a 160gb hdd, and a 3 pin case fan and graphics card. I unplugged the atx socket and the fans started whirring as if it works, but without the atx there's no point lol. But that's only when nothing else is plugged in and just the mother board. So I plug in the dvd drive and hdd without the atx and it doesn't work again, so I unplug the dvd drive and only then does it work again, so basically my psu isn't outputting enough power, is that what anyone else would say?

These are components and exact identical mobo to the one in a previous fully built pc but cause the mobo had a fault I got a new one. So why doesn't the psu give out enough power now? if it did before. Also I have replaced the hs and fan however and this one is gigantic! Do you think it uses more power? Anyway any advice or views would be appreciated. Cheers.

  skidzy 20:55 20 Aug 2007

Yep,i would try a new psu first or at worse get a psu tester click here

You have not said the wattage or make of the psu ? look for something branded and at least 500watt

  wky 20:57 20 Aug 2007

ah right, it's unbranded 350watt, but just ordered a 500w arctic one, which looks pretty good. it's an atx psu I want isn't it?

  skidzy 20:59 20 Aug 2007

If an atx case..yes !

  wky 21:00 20 Aug 2007

what's an atx case? :S

  skidzy 21:00 20 Aug 2007

Just a quick thought:
Check the mobo is not shorting out,make sure its not touching anything it shoud'nt.

  wky 21:04 20 Aug 2007

shouldn't be shorting out, as I said the fans work when the atx plug is unplugged and the dvd drive unplugged. One more thing, any way to test if the mother board is faulty? apart from using another one?

  skidzy 21:08 20 Aug 2007

From my experience:

You can have a micro atx case and therefore a normal atx motherboard would not fit,it would have to be a micro board.

Exceptions like Dell cases,most hardware has to come from Dell,making upgrades extremely difficult if you wish to buy outside of Dell.

If you have an ATX case,almost any ATX psu will fit.

  wky 21:14 20 Aug 2007

is there a difference between normal atx and atx 2? do you know if my processor uses atx 2? jeez i'm all confused lol. All I know is that my current one has a four pin connector to put power to the cpu, but i dunno if the one i ordered has that connector.

  skidzy 21:34 20 Aug 2007

Atx2 has 4 extra pins,most psu's have this connection now,though not always needed...depends on the mobo.

What mobo are you using ?

Handy link click here

  skidzy 21:36 20 Aug 2007

Your new psu will have the 12 volt connector.

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