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  User-A9A90269-9442-4E72-841B36635E4BF37A 13:01 18 Aug 2005

hi, this is a bit of a random question but i was wondering how long does it take to...

Download a 700mb file at 512kbps

Download a 700mb file at 1mbps

Download a 700mb file at 2mbps

if someone could just tell me how many hours it would take to download at each speed, that would be much appreciated

Peace out!

  interzone55 13:39 18 Aug 2005

Assuming the server where you are downloading the file can upload the file as fast as you can download it (not always the case), and also assuming you are not using your net connection for anything else...

512kbs = 186.66 minutes
1mbs = 93.33 minutes
2mbs = 46.16 minutes

This is under ideal conditions.

hope this helps


  DieSse 13:44 18 Aug 2005

512Kbps equates to about 60KBps or .06MBps. Thus 700MB should take 11,667s or 194m or 3¼hrs.

The other times are pro rata - ie @ 1Mbps half that time - @ 2Mbps a quarter of the time.

Of course this is a theoretical calculation - actual achieved speeds are subject to many other factors - such as how fast the originating site will supply the data, network loading etc etc.

  Stuartli 13:50 18 Aug 2005

Compare those figures to how long the same 700MB file would take to burn to a CD-R even at a modest 16x or 24x...:-)

  interzone55 15:20 18 Aug 2005

ah... it may only take about 5 minutes to burn a 700Mb CDR, but it will take considerably longer than 3 1/4 hours to then send the CDR by post!!

  Yoda Knight 15:40 18 Aug 2005


  Stuartli 15:40 18 Aug 2005

Obviously you know something we don't - I was merely contrasting the different lengths of time to "transfer" the same file size.

  interzone55 16:06 18 Aug 2005

Sorry mate, just taking the pi**

Yes, whilst we all find broadband fantasticly quick, it's nothing compared to even the speed if WiFi, or as you pointed out writing to CDR.

As I pointed out to shinobi251, rarely, if ever, can anyone download at the full capacity of the line. I have a 1mbs line, this should allow for downloads at ~125kbs, the only time I see anything like this figure is when downloading software from M$, who seem to have the fastest ftp server in the world. The worst is when downloading torrents, sometimes I see speeds akin to early 70's acoustic couplers.


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