Just a question

  woodchip 16:26 18 Sep 2008

Some of you I know will be the same as me.

Why is it we get all these mend it posts? and my computers just seem to keep running also free of Malaware and Adaware Viruses or Trojans.

I only run Anti-Virus Free Avast Router Firewall and mostly its my 98se Comp that I use on the Net that My Old Anti-Virus does not as never needed Dat updates. XP Comps just have Avast AV on them.

How many more like me? Just out of interest.

PS I do not open mails if I do not know where they come from

  ventanas 16:31 18 Sep 2008

Probably kiss of death, but never had an infection of any kind in more than twenty years. But I do use AV and antispyware (paid for)

  woodchip 16:32 18 Sep 2008

Well thats one like me

  woodchip 16:33 18 Sep 2008

It may also be down to the sites I visit and do not click links and popups

  DippyGirl 16:38 18 Sep 2008

Person in control of the keyboard/mouse is equally(more) important as the protective s/w
I run AV/Firewall and probably more anti-spyware than I need to , but I am also paranoid
Do little P2P, download by choice, and have all popups blocked

If you drive blindfold, while on your mobile and just turn the wheel randomly you will need the air-bag and rollcage

  woodchip 16:39 18 Sep 2008

A like that last bit, while texting

  tullie 16:41 18 Sep 2008

Isent it best to have protection than not.

  Condom 16:42 18 Sep 2008

Me too. I've never had a virus during the past 5 years. Mind you adware cookies is another thing. I used Norton until 18 months ago until I got fed up with it making my PC look as if it was full of porridge. I have used all PC Tools free stuff for the past 18 months and still no problems.

  woodchip 16:43 18 Sep 2008

If you don't drink Poison its less likely you will be poisoned

  provider 2 16:55 18 Sep 2008

A good, healthy dose of paranoia plus Avast! and SpywareBlaster and everything should be fine ...

  skidzy 17:09 18 Sep 2008

Hi Woody :-)

Im afraid the real problem out there is just getting worse.

Its not just a matter of safe surfing anymore.
Just a few minutes ago i handed back a laptop that took me two evenings to clean up.Apparently just a click on Google took the user to an undesirable website that required an active x to be installed,being a bit naive he clicked the install and boom,several trojans and viruses.
Luckily it was not a bad infection and easily cleaned using the usual apps and HJT.

These virus writers seem to be more busy by the day,just a quick look around the Malwareremoval forums will vouch for this...they are extremely busy.
Databases are growing daily in trying to keep up with the nasties out there...but will we ever be on top of this ..... Not a chance,we will always play catchup.

One thing that we should remember,most of us here at PCA are experienced computer users and can normally see the signs and understand them...the novice cannot.

This is the main reason i created this page click here jst for the visting novice who would like to secure and mantain a clean healthy computer.

That said,if people want to use p2p illegally and visit those dodgey porn sites etc.....they deserve everything that may come there way.

My advice is to anyone who wishes to download anything and are not sure...come and ask us !!

Hence the rogue programs that seem to be on the rise recently.

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