Just put together first pc (Help needed please!)

  STEVE71163 16:52 16 Jan 2003
  STEVE71163 16:52 16 Jan 2003

I have just put together my first pc but i have a few questions. When i first turn it on it bleeps once and you can hear the hdd noise etc . Is one bleep all i should be hearing at the moment? Also if you try to turn the tower off by the tower on off switch it wont switch off so i have to turn it off from the mains. Does this mean i have not got the on off switch connected right?

  Gerrycan 16:55 16 Jan 2003

That sounds like the problem,and one beep is normal,is your screen(monitor)ok by that i mean you access windows ok?

  MalcSP 16:56 16 Jan 2003

One beep is enough.
Have you tried to switch off by holding in the power button for 4 seconds. It is likely that soft power down has been set on your BIOS.

  mark3110 16:56 16 Jan 2003

1 Beep on startup is normal. With regards the power switch, you probably have the connections on the motherboard the wrong way round.



  Elrond 16:56 16 Jan 2003

I think one beep is fine, althought it depends if its a long beep or a quick one. If quick this shud be ok I think.

  fsssh 16:57 16 Jan 2003

one bleep is what you normally get, unless your manuals say anyhting different. are you getting anything on the monitor?

the power button should turn off if you hold it down, if its an ATX mobo. otherwise it may need configuring - in my bios settings you can tell the computer what you want a press or a hold of the power button to do - turn on/ off or to suspend to ram/disk.obviously if your not getting anything on the monitor it could be difficult to work this out!

  mark3110 17:00 16 Jan 2003

I still stick with my theory about the connections, I made the same mistake when I built this PC, shame cases dont come with a wiring diagram the cables on mine had no bearing on anything mentioned in the mobo manual.


  STEVE71163 17:11 16 Jan 2003

Thanks everyone. Yes it is only a short beep and yes if you hold the on off switch in the tower will turn off. So i guess now i had better connect a monitor and keyboard and then ???????

  STEVE71163 18:21 16 Jan 2003

I am just loading the operating system (Windows xp). When it has finished loading do i change the boot up order back in the bios. If i do what do i change it back too?

  jazzypop 18:28 16 Jan 2003

It really comes down to personal preference, and of course you can change it at any time.

Mine is set to 1. IDE 2. CD 3. Floppy

If I know that I want to boot from floppy or CD, I change it in the BIOS. If you set it to boot from floppy or CD first, you introduce an unnecessary delay while it checks those drives, and get the 'Non-system disk' message if you leave a floppy in the drive.

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