just purchased a new router, the old network key s

  andy63walsh 12:45 04 Nov 2007

just purchased a new router, the old network key password keeps coming back then i have to enter new network key and go in manually, any ideas ?

  Taff™ 12:49 04 Nov 2007

Is it the same make of router? If so you need to delete it from your profile and simply add it back in once - it should remember it then. Are you using Windows to configure the connection or a User Interface from the router manufacturer?

  andy63walsh 15:09 04 Nov 2007

i was sick of the belkin going wrong, so i purchased a Netgear. I'm not sure what you mean about the profile, is it when you go into network connections and change the network key to the new password ?

  ambra4 16:02 04 Nov 2007

Consult your router's manual to determine the exact address for your model.

Note that you do not need a working Internet connection for this step.

Log in to the router.

The router's home page will ask you for a user name and password.

Both are provided in the router's manual

  andy63walsh 16:06 04 Nov 2007

I know how to get into the setup of it, the desktop always works ok, its just the laptop.

  ambra4 16:30 04 Nov 2007

Are you trying to access router setup wireless

Not recommend

Or connect laptop to the wireless system

Have you set up the SSID and secrity key on the router

Password is the security key you entered in the router you need to enter the same key in the laptop when requested

  andy63walsh 15:28 06 Nov 2007

I'm just trying to go on line with the laptop, wireless, it keeps reverting back to the old password for the old router i think. I have to click on view wireless networks, click on my name and enter security key, then it works until i switch it off and on again. It used to always work automatically on the old router.

  andy63walsh 16:45 06 Nov 2007

If i plug the laptop straight into the router it works straight away and i get on the net no problems, it's just the wireless side.

  postie24 16:56 06 Nov 2007

Right click the wireless icon,choose view available networks.On the left you will see,change order of prefered networks.
Click on it and delete old wireless network connections,just leaving your new one.

  andy63walsh 17:13 06 Nov 2007

hi postie24,
i did that, there were two on there, one said netgear, the router i just fitted and the other one was the one i wanted, i was worried about deleting the netgear one, but i have now and it works fine, thanks so much.

  andy63walsh 17:42 06 Nov 2007

I may have spoke to soon ! When i go to the network key, it seems to still be reverting back to other passwords, i can tell as the number of dots in the network key password space are only 8 digits, my new pass is 14 digits long ? Any ides what keeps changing it ?

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