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  woodchip 16:38 25 Jun 2003

I started on Computers in 1995, On the Internet from 1997 But never had A virus. First AV McAfee then after 8 months Achilles Shield for which I have never had to download dat file updates. What can You had with your Experience of Virus's.

  accord 17:01 25 Jun 2003

had a couple a few months back but NAV 2003 picked them up from my inbox and put them in quarantine. havent had any since. i think it might be down to the fact that i dont subscribe to every thing on the web or have a hotmail account.

For ref: i used to use McAfee for a number of years but changed to Norton when i upgraded to NTL BB in dec 2002. find it much easier to use than McAfee.

  Mysticnas 17:02 25 Jun 2003


I put a dodgy 3.5" disk into my bro's pc to play a game, i can't remember what, maybe Eagles Nest, Karateka, Out Run, Microprose Grand Prix, Sub 688 or PGA Tour Golf. Man that golf game used to be annoying at time,

"Oooh couldn't be too happy about that one"

"Looks like he's lost that one in the trees" etc...

but yeah, it was whilst loading one of these game disks that the computer went all funny at the dos promt. This must have been a long long time ago.

It was a 286 if i can remember correctly.

  woodchip 17:05 25 Jun 2003

So you?ve been at it a while

  Mysticnas 18:14 25 Jun 2003

I've grown up around computers. I've got a 286/486 and an old mac in my cupboard that i've gotta take down to the skip soon.

  Bodi 18:17 25 Jun 2003

way back in 1991 and it came on a magazine disk!

You know the one, your mouse goes up when it should go down, right when it should go left etc. Only virus I have ever had - except the one via email which was found and quarantined right away.


  spikeychris 18:30 25 Jun 2003

Never had one at home but did at work. Six laptops all running ME, one was the master that fed the clients internet and ran Winsuite, ie: controlled all access to files.

Logged onto master and files and folders started self destructing, the clients where being switched on by somebody else (physically switched on that is) and PC01 started doing the same thing. I ran along the network pulling the network cables out of all the machines. Pulled one a little too hard it damaged the motherboard....

  Gaz 25 18:46 25 Jun 2003

I had one a few years ago, from downloading a file from the internet, it stopped windows from booting. Boot virus!

Anyway I just wiped and assumed everything was Ok, anyway since working with AV company I now know that Boot Viruses are held in the boot sector so a wipe may not always remove it.


So I rushed out for a copy of Norton, it found the virus and removed it.

Anyway, since then Mailwasher and Grisofts AVG has helped me catch NO virus at all.

Great! ;-)


  barrie_g 18:52 25 Jun 2003

First started with computers about 2 years ago Windows ME and Norton Internet Security 2001, swiched to XP when it came out and started using AVG and NO virus To date. (ok a couple of sub seven trojan's when I first got on the net, looked at a few dodgy websites) but apart from that none in about 30 months of surfing the net.

  -pops- 18:57 25 Jun 2003

In a slight reference to another post, yes we are from another generation.

My first computer was an analogue one self built from plans in Practical Electronics magazine in the 1950's. My first digital computer was a Sinclair ZX80 (in the late 1960's was it?). I progressed to a Sinclair Spectrum and then in the 1970's to a Sharpe Z80 with 32 Kilobytes of "memory" (that was BIG!!!!) but no hard drive. You could get a floppy drive for it at a cost of about £100 - that was a lot of money in those days. The floppy disks were about the size of dinnerplates but you could store a lot of info on them - about 32 Kilobytes.

To get to the point, though. I hope this won't be tempting providence but in all that time, I've never had a virus inflicted on me but, I've stopped a few by always having my A/V checker thoroughly up to date.


  snoresloudly 18:58 25 Jun 2003

never had a virus on my home pc, this despite alot of surfing/downloading from some "dodgy" sites in the past (not now of course!!) had experience of the sir cam virus on the work network and what a lovely 2 days it took me to erase that!!!!!! use avg at home and updated regularly, by the way the avg folder now stands at 110 mb!!!!! what with all the updates etc!!

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