Just lost two hours of work...pls help.

  nick_j007 22:38 16 May 2005

Just been typing in a Microsoft Works document for some time and the prog. closed on me due to an error of some sorts.
All my hard work was lost :-(

I suspect not, but is there any way to get this back please?

I did not save it as I went (ouch!) so the document only has a 'Save as' title.

Live 'n learn eh?


  DieSse 22:50 16 May 2005

Auto-save was added to MSWorks in version8. So if you have an earlier version - tough luck. If you have V8 or later, read your help files about Auto-save.

You can also try looking in the Temp files for files starting with ~ and a datestamp of the date of your problem - and see if any of them are helpful.

  nick_j007 22:53 16 May 2005

Ok, that's handy cheers.

I'm on V.7 :-(

I'll look for those temp files now, otherwise I'm re typing. Argh!

Thanks again,


  nick_j007 23:01 16 May 2005

I have found something that looks like it but each letter is intersected with a square box and the formatting is all over the place, but I can pick out text that is what I was working on for sure.
I was viewing it in Wordpad, I shall try another programme.
The file reads ~Qil0958


  woodchip 23:08 16 May 2005

The program should have a Automatic Save My WordPerfect does and I set it to save every 1 min. If it crashes next time I open WordPerfect it asks me what I want to do with the Doc Open and Rename, Delete etc. The Auto Save should be in Settings or Options, Prefs etc

  sattman 23:09 16 May 2005
  nick_j007 23:09 16 May 2005

It won't open in Works either. I think it's FUBAR now.

Can I upgrade to 8 for free?


  DieSse 23:13 16 May 2005

Does Works have an "extract text from any file" option when you open a document (I know Word does, but I don't use Works)

  bof:) 23:16 16 May 2005

Hi nick_j007, sorry your having problems but at least I've learnt about FUBAR :-)


  GroupFC 23:20 16 May 2005

So do I - it's amazing what you can find on google!

  nick_j007 23:20 16 May 2005

I'm pretty certain this version of Works does not have an auto-save function, as I've been double checking now. Shame that ;-)

Thank you sattman for that very good link; I shall bookmark it. Worth knowing.
I really ought to use Word now as I have it on this PC!
I think it harks back to my liking of the templates when a beginner etc. Plus no one can open the .wps files if I send them on!

There does not seem to be an 'extract text option either'

Thank you all for coming to my assistance so swiftly.



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