Just inital website advice please.

  wotbus@ 12:46 11 Oct 2008

My son has started his own business, wants a website and asked me how does he goes about it?
As a regular user of PCA forums and having limited knowledge in this field I thought I would pose this situation on his behalf.
We both know sites can be prepared by the owner if they have sufficient skills (some software free, some expensive and perhaps some supplied free by the intended host). We both know it can be done professionally as some cost. (Do you just search yellow and google pages for their adverts?)
Question: He wants a professional looking site reasonably cheaply and asap at this stage so just how do we go about it.
Any advice welcome and thanks in advance as always.

  wotbus@ 11:14 12 Oct 2008

Thanks for that, exactly what I was after. Much obliged for your advice.

  wotbus@ 13:35 12 Oct 2008

Just one more thing.
Assuming I have the software and produce the site.
This is now in some sort of file?
How do I security protect it before I get it to him for him to upload to his host?
When it's up and running will it be easy for me to access it for changes etc?
Sorry if this sounds a bit dumb but I/we are at the beginning of the learning curve ;-)

  wotbus@ 10:29 13 Oct 2008

That's clarified things a lot. Thanks VM.

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