Just how useful is Spybot?

  Chris the Ancient 16:57 27 Oct 2007

I regularly run CCleaner, Adaware and Regseeker on a regular basis to keep things clean and tidy.

However, Spybot takes s-o-o-o l-o-o-o-ng to run - and then never finds anything else apart from me not using Windows anti-virus as I already had AVG.

So how useful is Spybot?

  Clapton is God 17:07 27 Oct 2007

Why do you want it to find something?

If you're not visiting strange websites or opening attachments in suspicious e-mails, you should be pretty safe from infection.

Thus, Spybot (or any other anti-malware program) won't find anything

  DieSse 17:16 27 Oct 2007

I use Spybot with immunisation switched on. It helps (along with other stuff) to stop rubbish getting in.

I use Adaware and Spybot and am tring out Superantispyware (in addition to eset internet security) and I find I get little except for a few cookies and advertisement trackers.

Whichever you run last will tend to find nothing - but I'm a great believer in "belt and braces". With the new (still in beta) eset suite the others find next to nothing anyway now.

  Chris the Ancient 17:17 27 Oct 2007

I don't want it to find anything - there shouldn't be anything!

And I know that theoretically, I shouldn't be finding anything because I don't go to 'strange' websites; but I'm happy that is what Adaware says - it's found nothing. As much as it ever wants to do is empty the MRU folder - which I'm quite happy to do.

However, I use these programs as a form of insurance - just in case.

  Chris the Ancient 17:19 27 Oct 2007

Also, I've been thinking belt and braces - but so far the braces have never come up with anything - but take a long time doing it!

  crosstrainer 17:23 27 Oct 2007

If you WANT to find something nasty, just disable all your anti virus, firewall spyware programmes, average time to nasty infection now down to 9 mins!

I don't really suggest you do this of course :)

  Chris the Ancient 17:25 27 Oct 2007

Glad you put that last line in!

  sunny staines 18:11 27 Oct 2007

have you updatedto the latest build, prev build was buggy and very slow present version runs ok.

  Chris the Ancient 19:44 27 Oct 2007

I'm probably running on an old version, but I haven't checked yet.

But if it doesn't really do much anyway...

  sunny staines 19:49 27 Oct 2007

C. the A.

Its OK it block spyware from getting on your pc in the first place with the immunize feature.

those that do get in can be cleaned by scanning and see what turns up it can fix most of what it finds.

I avoid the teatimer option as it has interfered with downloads in the past.

its not the best spyware programme but it good [I consider click here SuperAntispyware 3 9 1008 to be the best freeone.

  johnnyrocker 19:49 27 Oct 2007

latest spybot seems to come with a resident which blocks attempts and warns of attempted registry changes


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