Just how many installations of Internet Explorer ARE on my system?

  Phrixos 16:55 28 Mar 2013

Having recently installed IE10, it caused all sorts of problems on my system, so I uninstalled it and in the usual manner, via Control Panel/Programs & Features/View Installed Updates > Microsoft Windows. Imagine my surprise when I found IE 9 still fully function on my system. So I uninstalled it too. Imagine my utter astonishment when I then found IE8 still fully functioning on my system. So I went to uninstall it too—expecting by this time to have to uninstall versions all the way down to IE1. Imagine my complete bafflement when I found I cannot uninstall IE8 because it isn't even listed. I want to put IE 10 back on, but I'm wondering at this point if it CAN run on its own or must it really run piggy-backed on top of all its previous versions?


  Woolwell 17:45 28 Mar 2013

IE10 runs on its own. I have a new laptop which has never had earlier versions. When you install later versions of IE it automatically rolls back to the earlier version. This is best way for people who find that the latest version isn't suitable for them. However it should be noted that the latest version is usually better for security.

  lotvic 18:01 28 Mar 2013

When you uninstall the latest version that is what it is designed to do - go back to previous version until it's IE8. so I can only say - your IE is normal as per Microsoft designed it.

If you have problem with IE10 perhaps you could start new Thread saying what the problem is (if you reinstall IE10 that is)

  lotvic 18:03 28 Mar 2013

Woolwell is IE10 only for W7 ? meaning if you have XP you can only go to IE9 ?

  Woolwell 18:24 28 Mar 2013

lotvic IE10 was at first for W8 only but has now been released for W7. Other OS's cannot obtain it. There isn't a lot of change visually but it is more secure with "Do not track", etc. I also think that it is faster and I prefer it to Chrome for this site whereas Chrome was better than IE9 on this site.

  lotvic 20:56 28 Mar 2013

Thanks Woolwell, I wasn't sure how it worked from IE9 up.

  Phrixos 10:11 29 Mar 2013

Yeah, I've since discovered that IE's rollback feature is normal. It was a bit of a shock, though. Perhaps the infamous love-hate relationship that users have with Microsoft would be alleviated somewhat if users were advised at such times, what to expect. I had, for instance, to waste half an hour only to finding out that IE8 was, unlike the other versions of IE, missing from Installed Updates because it uninstalls very differently from the other versions. Anyway, having rid my machine of all versions and reinstalled IE10 afresh, the problem seems to have gone away.

One responder asked what the problem was. Well—and, mind you, only when IE10 was running—it was as if my keyboard was crapping out. Keyed in letters didn't appear and crazy spellings appeared in their place. Seriously (a sobering suspicion, I can assure you), I began to think I was loosing motor control of my fingers. Thanks, Microsoft, for the grief. After a while I realized that apparently random delays were introducing themselves in the keying, to the effect that (say) the word "elephant" would come out something like "ephnla." Weird. (All my drivers are, btw, up to date.)

Thanks to all, for the input.

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