Just got this error when freshing helproom.

  Installer 21:38 07 Dec 2003

Error Occurred While Processing Request
The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: cfmail

The error occurred in D:\InetPub\wwwroot\pcadvisor_100\index.cfm: line 10

8 : cfinclude template="fbx_fusebox30_CF50.cfm">
9 : cfcatch type="Any">
10 : cfmail to="[email protected]" from="[email protected]" subject="PC Advisor - error" cc="[email protected]">
11 : Type:#CFCATCH.Type#
12 : Message:#CFCATCH.Message#
Please try the following:
Check the ColdFusion documentation to verify that you are using the correct syntax.
Search the Knowledge Base to find a solution to your problem.

Browser Opera/7.23 (Windows NT 5.1; U) [en]
Remote Address
Date/Time 07-Dec-03 09:33 PM
Stack Trace
at cfindex2ecfm152039140.runPage(D:\InetPub\wwwroot\pcadvisor_100\index.cfm:10)

coldfusion.runtime.RequestTimedOutException: The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: cfmail
at coldfusion.tagext.net.MailTag.checkTimeout(MailTag.java:655)
at coldfusion.tagext.net.MailTag.doStartTag(MailTag.java:525)
at cfindex2ecfm152039140.runPage(D:\InetPub\wwwroot\pcadvisor_100\index.cfm:10)
at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage.invoke(CfJspPage.java:147)
at coldfusion.tagext.lang.IncludeTag.doStartTag(IncludeTag.java:357)
at coldfusion.filter.CfincludeFilter.invoke(CfincludeFilter.java:62)
at coldfusion.filter.ApplicationFilter.invoke(ApplicationFilter.java:107)
at coldfusion.filter.RequestMonitorFilter.invoke(RequestMonitorFilter.java:43)
at coldfusion.filter.PathFilter.invoke(PathFilter.java:80)
at coldfusion.filter.ExceptionFilter.invoke(ExceptionFilter.java:47)
at coldfusion.filter.ClientScopePersistenceFilter.invoke(ClientScopePersistenceFilter.java:28)
at coldfusion.filter.BrowserFilter.invoke(BrowserFilter.java:35)
at coldfusion.filter.GlobalsFilter.invoke(GlobalsFilter.java:43)
at coldfusion.filter.DatasourceFilter.invoke(DatasourceFilter.java:22)
at coldfusion.CfmServlet.service(CfmServlet.java:105)
at jrun.servlet.ServletInvoker.invoke(ServletInvoker.java:91)
at jrun.servlet.JRunInvokerChain.invokeNext(JRunInvokerChain.java:42)
at jrun.servlet.JRunRequestDispatcher.invoke(JRunRequestDispatcher.java:252)
at jrun.servlet.ServletEngineService.dispatch(ServletEngineService.java:527)
at jrun.servlet.jrpp.JRunProxyService.invokeRunnable(JRunProxyService.java:192)
at jrunx.scheduler.ThreadPool$DownstreamMetrics.invokeRunnable(ThreadPool.java:348)
at jrunx.scheduler.ThreadPool$ThreadThrottle.invokeRunnable(ThreadPool.java:451)
at jrunx.scheduler.ThreadPool$UpstreamMetrics.invokeRunnable(ThreadPool.java:294)
at jrunx.scheduler.WorkerThread.run(WorkerThread.java:66)

Any ideas?

  VoG II 21:45 07 Dec 2003

I had something similar earlier this evening. One of those things I suppose but might be connected with this weekend's slowdown, to be fixed tomorrow we have been assured.

  Installer 21:52 07 Dec 2003

Yes that's what I thought, mainly posted it in case it was any help to pca in looking at the alleged slow server problem.

  Salinger 21:55 07 Dec 2003

Got the same message earlier, never seen it before.

  spikeychris 22:05 07 Dec 2003
  Installer 22:28 07 Dec 2003

I see you've got the copying and pasting into Google sorted then. Seriously though I had a look at one or two of the matches in Google. doesn't make much sense to me but then I can't really be bothered, Thanks for posting anyway.

I'll tick this anyway.

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