Just gone BB but having a 'little' problem

  TBH1 15:03 13 Apr 2004

Just got my tiscali BB up and running, eventually, but it won't be running for long as soon as 'er indoors' sees all the wiring. My old setup had an extension cable running under the floor connecting my PC in one corner, to the phone socket in the other. I couldn't get system working using this extension so have the usb cable going halfway across the carpet, joining up to the bb modem, then the supplied cable going from here to the filter/socket. Now, you know whats gonna happen soon as she sees that !!!! And if I could relate to you what she is gonna say, omitting the swear words, it ain't gonna be a fat lot !!!! I don't really wanna run anything under the floor at this time as it means getting the carpet up - - is there a maximum length of the RJ11 data cable I can use - - if I can get a long enough length I could maybe skirt around the edge of the carpet - -maybe 20 foot or so ? I intend , eventually, to attach a wireless router here for future expansion - - would I be right in presuming that I would plug existing modem into phone socket, then plug that into wireless router and use wireless bit to connect router to PC ?? I also had to disconnect all phones to get going - -and as soon as I plug them back in my connection is lost - - -I know I may need filters but I read somewhere here quite recently that there were people out there who do not use the filters. Pardon my ignorance - - all this new to me, am still working my way through help files but , as in all problems I encounter, the quickest solutions are found here.
Before I go - -was gonna say sign off there but don't have to now, do I ??? Well, I do in this particular instance as am gonna have a go at tidying these wires up - - before I go, as I said before - -this connection only supposed to be 250 but line rate is showing 576 - - is this normal ??

  Graham ® 15:05 13 Apr 2004

It always says 576. :-)

  johnnyrocker 15:07 13 Apr 2004

a 20'rj45 will not affect your computing, filters i would say are a must (unless someone can tell us different) the rest i cant help with sorry.


  stlucia 15:07 13 Apr 2004

You do need the filters.

  JACC 15:15 13 Apr 2004

I am using a SpeedTouch modem with an extention cable , and all is working just fine . I've got to put mine under the floor this weekend or that's where i'm going to end up .You do need filters at your PC and at any phones you have , if you try to make a call while on the internet you'll find out why .ISP is Freeserve .

  medicine hat 15:43 13 Apr 2004

click here for an ADSL modem and wireless router combined. May help with one of your issues

  Graham ® 15:54 13 Apr 2004

It should work on the extension. How are you connecting the modem to the phone socket?

  TBH1 16:55 13 Apr 2004

thanks for the replies - - just been to PC World - - filters are £15.99 - - -thought they were cheaper than that so didn't buy any.Priced up the RJ11 stuff too - -£17.99 for 25 foot - -was gonna buy it but thought I'd better measure up first - - noticed the RJ45, as mentioned by jonnyrocker above, that quite a lot cheaper but being ignorant of these things right now, thought there must be a difference between one and tother. JACC - - I know what you mean mate - -dreading 6 o'clock tonight when she comes home !!!! Graham, the modem uses RJ11 to go into one side of the filter, shared by the phone, which is working - - -maybe have another go with the existing extension (the one thats aready under the floor as it didn't have the filter on the other end when I tried it, though the tiscali help thingy said it wouldn't so didn't try - - -gonna try right now

  TBH1 16:57 13 Apr 2004

and as a PS, I am on the 250 package from tiscali and for those of you who are still on dial-up, go get broadband - - -this speed is unbeleivable right now compared to the old days, well, this morning really

  TBH1 17:01 13 Apr 2004

and as a PPS -- graham, just checked that site out - -will probably end up getting something like that but daren't spend any more bucks right now, just splashed out on the aldi beastie together with the TFT - -just after telling she who must be obeyed that we couldn't afford a new micro-wave !!!

  roy 17:15 13 Apr 2004

I was told that I couldn't use an extension cable but I do; the same one that I used for dial-up. However, you must use a filter, your adsl modem will plug into it. Also you must fit a filter for each phone that you have or you will not get broadband.

With regard to your actual speed try the following website.

click here

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