Just found an unsecured wireless connection

  pj123 10:50 28 Jun 2006

close to me. Is there any way I can find out who it is without going round knocking on doors?

Mainly to tell them they are not secure.

  pj123 11:33 28 Jun 2006

PS. What would be the maximum distance they would be from me?

  ade.h 11:59 28 Jun 2006

If you had a laptop, pj (but I know that you don't) you could wander the neighbourhood on a nice day such as this - trying not to look like a potential wardriver! - as you frequently refresh your list of wireless connections to pick up roughly where it's at its strongest. You can also get (free?) software that measures signal strength, but that's a bit academic as I wouldn't recommend that you drag your desktop around the neighbourhood!

Not much else that you can do really, other than knocking on a few doors and asking. It's good of you to think about this, though!

  pj123 18:01 30 Jun 2006

ade.h how far away would the maximum distance be from my connection.

I live in a very small road with not many houses. We have 50ft wide frontages and 100ft long back gardens not including the house.

I am semi detached so the nearest to me is next door but they don't have a BB connection at all.

The next nearest is at least 50ft away.

  ade.h 18:09 30 Jun 2006

It can vary a lot. The maximum internal distance for an 802.11g signal is up to 30m, but it can travel quite far once it's unencumbered by walls. My back garden is about 80ft and there is a network beyond that (160ft away) that I can sometimes detect if I'm in a back room.

  pj123 18:44 30 Jun 2006

Have to extend my door knocking then. But I keep getting taken for a Jehovahs Witness and told (in no uncertain terms) where to go.

Maybe I should just forget it and let the unsecured person get on with it.

Or I could try piggybacking on to it (if I knew how).

  ade.h 19:17 30 Jun 2006

Just write some notes asking if they have an unsecured connection. Your neighbours don't sound very friendly, though.

  Nazzarenu Boy 09:37 01 Jul 2006

You could send a message to that network by programs specified for that task ... you wont be doing nothing illegal .... cause you are only sending them a message to the network but not using the network
such a program is this :
click here
(i dont know if it works for wireless)just try it or try to find other programs for the task

sorry that i could not give you more info .. cause i m lack of resaurces

  Nazzarenu Boy 09:51 01 Jul 2006

or this program
click here

  pj123 09:52 01 Jul 2006

Oops! It appears that I'm not being taken for a JW after all.

It's something to do with Football. Apparently I'm interrupting their TV viewing?? I wondered what all those flags were for.

Thanks, Nazzarenu Boy. Will give it go.

  ade.h 16:07 01 Jul 2006

Let's be clear about this.

It is illegal to *connect* to a wireless network without the owner's consent. Prosecutions have been brought in cases of illegal misuse, and it could reasonably be argued that one would have no legitimate motive for connecting to a private network without consent. This law is - I understand - incorporated into ammendments to the Wireless Telegraphy Act.

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