just burned a dvd and its jumpy when i watch it

  leeknight67 20:41 16 Jun 2006

ive just burned a dvd with video footage i took whilst on holiday. it plays back fine on the camera whilst linked to the tv. but when i put it on dvd it was all jumpy and the sound was also. i have used 7 to do this. my laptop is intel celeron 1024 mb ram 2.7 ghz. but it is a bit sluggish.

thanks in advance


  User-312386 20:50 16 Jun 2006

1 What format is the dvd files in, prior to burning?

2 what did you burn it with?

  leeknight67 21:13 16 Jun 2006

avi files. and nero 7

  User-312386 22:22 16 Jun 2006

I assume you are recoding it and making an image file and then burning the image file to disc?

  woodchip 22:47 16 Jun 2006

If you mean it's jumpy on the PC. then it is because of your low spec items like Graphics and memory. Have you tried it in a DVD player for the TV

  ashdav 00:18 17 Jun 2006

try burning at a lower speed.

  leeknight67 12:50 18 Jun 2006

its fine on the pc but jumpy in the dvd player

  Jak_1 13:43 18 Jun 2006

A lot of DVD players will not recognise the avi format or some that do, have problems with it. Best thing to do would be to convert to mpg format and all should play well.

  User-312386 22:42 19 Jun 2006

Are you recoding it into an image file first with NERO?

  mike1967 23:12 19 Jun 2006

It may be dependant on the make of DVD you are using certain ones I have used have been jumpy but now I have found a make which causes no problems at all.

It may be you need to buy one of each first to see which ones work for you.

  naggis 09:17 20 Jun 2006

As Jak_1 says many DVD players, particularly older ones, are a bit sniffy about DVD's generally.
I would suggest you author the avi to DVD format. TMPGENC DVD AUTHOR is a good bet - there are no doubt many more.

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