Just built my first PC!

  Northern-Monkey 01:41 13 Jul 2010

I'm an absolute beginner at this so could anyone please tell me if the PC I have just built is any good?

The specs are as follows:

Motherboard: Asrock M3N78D
Processor: Amd Athlon Dual Core
Hard drive: 500 Gb Western digital (SATA)
Graphics Card: GIGABYTE 4550 (DDR3)
RAM: 4 Gb Ripjaw with heatsink
OS: Windows 64 bit superior

I have recycled a power supply and DVD drive (not very good but do the job)

Thank you in advance.

  sunnystaines 05:41 13 Jul 2010

if it all works and your pleased with it that is all that matters, great feeling when you build you first pc and see the first boot up.

  MAT ALAN 07:56 13 Jul 2010

For general PC stuff, should be fine, for gaming NO...

  ardubbleyu 08:05 13 Jul 2010

Well done that man - nothing like a successful home build I say. I'd be a bit wary of the re-cycled PSU though...

  chub_tor 13:03 13 Jul 2010

Let me add my congratulations too, as sunnystaines says it is a great feeling when you get through that first BIOS screen and see it all boot up and running smoothly.

Your new machine won't win any awards for speed or processing power but 3 years ago we would all have bitten off our right arm to have a PC like that.

  gengiscant 15:15 13 Jul 2010

Well done,I agree, the buzz of building your own is great. I have only bought one PC in my life and that was second hand, I have self built ever since.
It used to be cheaper to self build but that is a debatable point nowadays.I have just spent far to much cash building a gaming rig and I don't care. I got the spec I wanted,or could afford, I got the same thrill,experienced the same frustrations when there was a problem,the same pleasures of problems solved, a little more knowledge gained and will do it all again.

So you don't have the most powerful PC on the planet, but you did build it yourself, so give yourself a pat on the back and look forward to perhaps upgrading in the future.

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