Just Brought a Radeon Graphics Card Need Help..

  Acer-1 14:01 14 Jan 2006

Hi i've just brought a Radeon Graphics it's a 256mb 9550 to be precise.

The thing is i have'nt a clue how to install it lol i entered the driver cd because it says it has a user manuel on their as well and it has a few other Radeon cards on their but not mine which is silly lol.

Should i install the drivers before i install the graphics card ? or Vice Versa.

Also its a AGP8X not a pci if that helps.

and it has a cable and part of the graphics card looks like it should be on the exterior of the computer cause it has cable connectors etc hmm confusing lol.

  Totally-braindead 14:16 14 Jan 2006

First thing, do you already have a graphics card installed or is your computer using onboard graphics?

  Acer-1 14:18 14 Jan 2006

the computer is using onboard graphics at the moment.

  Totally-braindead 14:25 14 Jan 2006

Right have a look here click here follow the instructions. The only other thing you may have to do is disable the onboard graphics, go into BIOS before windows loads, usually its just a matter of pressing DEL but some use the function card. Look through all the options and see if theres anything about the graphics, it maght say something like diable onboard graphics or graphics option onboard or AGP or something like that. If you don't find anything don't be concerned it probably just means its automatically disable when it detects a new card which most are. DO NOT alter any other settings in the BIOS and if you do alter anything at all write down what you altered and what it was set at before you altered it, this is so if you do muck a setting up you can just change it back, no harm done.
Just follow the instructions on installing the new card, and follow the instructions above.

One thing I should mention, AGP slots need a fair bit of force to get the card in, so if the computers shows no display when you put it in just switch off again, remove the card and reinsert it.

  Totally-braindead 14:28 14 Jan 2006

Mistyped, some use the function keys to get into BIOS not the function card, sorry. And the rest of my spelling is terrible as well.

  Acer-1 14:28 14 Jan 2006

Thanks alot :)

  martjc 14:31 14 Jan 2006

...is quite simple!

0.Firstly, check that your PC has a, AGP slot...that is a slot approximately in the middle of the motherboard, which has a little doohickey for holding in the card at the end that doesn't show to outside world.

If you have such a slot you are o.k. - if not, the card will not work in your machine! As a guide, if the machine is more than a few years old, you may have problem.

These are the steps for installing:

1.look at the back panel on your computer.

2.Remove the small back plate that corresponds with the position of the AGP slot (or, if you have an AGP card in there, remove it.)

2a. If you have a PCI graphics card, remove it.

3. Align the new card with the AGP slot on the motherboard and push it in, gently but firmly. 9you may need to move the little doohickey and replace it when the card is fully installed).

4. Connect the monitor data lead to the part of the card showing to the outside world.

5. There will be a driver on the disk. Use this first, when Windows spots the new hardware - but go to the ATI web site to get the latest Radeon driver afterwards. It's a simple procedure.

Good luck!

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