Just bought a Region 2 DVD Player

  Sheila-214876 17:48 05 Feb 2004

Have been told this is Region 2 DVD player but can be modified to Multiregion. Is it legal to do this and, if so, anyone know the site to download the patches?

  Quiller. 17:55 05 Feb 2004

It is legal to have region free dvd players. Is it for the computer or a stand alone player, for the t.v.?

Can you post the make and model?

  MIke 18:31 05 Feb 2004

click here

This site might help

  johnnyrocker 18:49 05 Feb 2004

if that doesn't work click here they will do it for a reasonable fee.


  The Nuclear Boy Scout 18:53 05 Feb 2004

This is where I got the Firmware modification for my DVD Player:

click here

  Sheila-214876 10:20 06 Feb 2004

It is a Venturer STS22AAS-10 bought from a well-known Supermarket. Standalone for the TV. I have a DVD/CDRW fitted in my computer. I have a friend in the USA who could (in the future) send or bring with him when he visits me US DVDs. I haven't exactly opened the box yet so if this model can't be changed I can take it back. It was the salesman who said he thought it could be changed. I am checking the links given. Thanks all.

  Quiller. 12:07 06 Feb 2004

There is no reference to this player anywhere. They are plenty Venturer STS machines listed. Are you sure on the model number?

click here=

Most £30- £40 dvd players from richer sounds are region free, they supply the code.click here

  scotty 12:24 06 Feb 2004

click here


I own the STS22A (DVD-receiver) and I also tried
the hack of the STS20 and STS2628(listed above) and this also works fine. Thanks, now it also plays
VCD's when you choose 9=region free.

1.- open tray
2.- press 81328
3.- press ENTER for the region ( 9 region free)
4.- press RETURN
5.- close the tray

  Sheila-214876 12:24 06 Feb 2004

bsod. Thanks for your response. I must get a new pair of glasses. It is a Venturer STS77AAS-10. I checked your google link and found (hopefully) the hack I need.

  Belatucadrus 12:35 06 Feb 2004

Be warned some region 1 DVDs have RCE or "Regional Coding Enhancement" and may not work in a player set to multi region, it has to be set to region 1. Now with a software hack this is a pain, but not impossible to overcome.
Of my last 3 US sourced DVDs 2 need the player reset to be viewed.

  SEASHANTY 15:51 06 Feb 2004


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