Just Bought Netgear WGR614 Router - Help!?

  Winxx 19:11 23 Jun 2007

Hi, just recieved a refurbished Netgear WGR614 Router after waiting patiently for a week, but i am currently stuck as to how to set it up, since its refurbished, its missing an install CD im guessing as it comes with a note saying "the current installation guide and software may be downloaded from the NETGEAR Website: http:click here" but i cant seem to find anything.

I also got an ethernet cable with it, after looking at some diagrams and reading things, i have discovered that i should hook an ethernet cable from my NTL Broadband modem, to my Wireless Router, then 1 from the wireless router to my PC, which i have done, and then my internet connection goes off and i am unable to access the internet?


PS. My laptop picks up the connection, but it also gets nothing after connecting, just "page cannot be displayed"

  Graham. 19:19 23 Jun 2007
  Winxx 19:34 23 Jun 2007

No.. not at all?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:47 23 Jun 2007

click here is the location of the manual

  howard64 21:55 23 Jun 2007

when you have a cable modem the router must not be an adsl one!. the ethernet cable from the cable modem has to go to the wan socket and your pcs etc to the lan sockets. If the router does not have these you cannot use it with a cable modem to my knowledge. If it is the correct one you must power down the cable modem so that it loses the mac address of the equipment it was connected to and when you have connected it to the new setup you power on and it then uses the mac address of the new router.

  ambra4 22:19 23 Jun 2007

Try this power off modem,router PC, remove Ethernet cable from modern and connect to Port 1 on router.

Spare Ethernet cable connect WAN to modern

Power modern only- and wait until up about 2-3 min

power up router and wait 2 min

power up PC

you might have to configure router by reading the manual

  Winxx 22:36 23 Jun 2007

Ok i think i have figured out the problem, i have my Modem hooked up ok, the lights flash and everything, i type in and i get the Smart Setup thing come up, this is where things get difficult, it is telling me that i have a static IP and that i must fill out the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Defaul Gateway along with the 2 DNS Servers that my ISP has provided me with... Im like ???

So i go Run>CMD>ipconfig/all and copy it all down, i then enter all that information on the Smart Setup wizard, and then after i get a baloon message appear every 4 seconds saying there is an IP Conflict!!!!

So i try changing the IP on Smartwizard by 1 and it tells me it doesnt correspond with the gateway or something?

Ive never been so confused in my life, please HELP!

  ambra4 23:15 23 Jun 2007

Cool your self go and get a drink of water

click start- setting- network connection-right click on local area connection

Local area connection status display will appear

go support - detail let me know the setting

  bvw in bristol 00:47 24 Jun 2007

If you want a copy of the install CD I have one you can have.. just mail me via the Yellow Envelope.

I'm happy to send it at no cost to you.

  Winxx 11:46 24 Jun 2007

Thanks bvw but i am told its not needed as i can access it via in my address bar.

To Ambrea

Connection Status
Address Type: Assigned By DHCP
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

  ambra4 12:56 24 Jun 2007

Ok In support also click Detail button

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