Just a blip I think

  rdave13 15:59 12 Jul 2012

Teething probs after maintenence I think :(

  rdave13 16:17 12 Jul 2012

Back to normal.

  Matt Egan 16:23 12 Jul 2012

Sorry about that. It should be fixed now.

As you know every now and then we have to upgrade our database which means unfortunately that we have weeks such as this one: deeply frustrating for everyone, with no discernible end product as far as the outside world is concerned. That, I'm afraid, is the price you and I pay for PC Advisor taking the care to do things properly.

I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, and appreciate your phlegmatic response!

  Housten 16:29 12 Jul 2012


[ Second attempt at posting!!! ]

I hate to disagree with you but the last couple of days the site refused to recognise me even after I had - THREE times entered my email address and password. So about 1030 or thereabouts this morning I asked for my password to be sent to me. Still waiting, and still no 'My Posts', never mind query I posted!!!

I also take what Matt Egan says with a pinch or pound of salt. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!!!!!!!

  birdface 16:31 12 Jul 2012

I think PCA has hired out their staff and are now doing repairs to the M4 at heathrow.

Same senario both overrunning with their repairs.I think the M4 was supposed to be opened again today but that has been put off for a few more days so it looks like next Monday before that opens again but it may not be finished by monday so maybe later on in the week.

PCA have been doing repairs since they they updated their system last year and are still not quite finished yet.I am sure both get their workers from the same Agency.

Nope still wont post using IE9 will try Firefox.

Site Error

It appears the site had some difficulty proccessing your request and has errored internally.

An email has automatically been sent to technical support.

  KRONOS the First 16:33 12 Jul 2012

That, I'm afraid, is the price you and I pay for PC Advisor taking the care to do things properly.

So this is things being done properly,hate to see it when its not being done properly.

  rdave13 16:34 12 Jul 2012

Housten , I have no idea how such a FREE forum is run, especially over many years, but I do suspect it takes a lot of work. Maintenance will be essential and takes part with a few hiccups.

  Matt Egan 16:36 12 Jul 2012

Ignoring unwarranted attacks on my personal integrity, and the capabilities of our development team, I will try to help... The problems are buteman you can't post and Housten you are having trouble logging in and you can't see My Posts or anything you have posted?

  Matt Egan 16:39 12 Jul 2012

My point, Chronus is we could choose not to update our database. It affords us nothing but extra expense. But we endeavour to adopt best practices in our handling of YOUR data.

No-one is more embarrassed than I am by the way things have gone this week, and I am sincere in my apologies for the inconvenience caused to each and every one of you. The way this has played out has been unnacceptable. Unfortunately it is a difficult task, and not one we undertake regularly. We will get things right, and in the mean time I appreciate your patience.

  rdave13 17:01 12 Jul 2012

buteman, as you know IE9 is my main browser and now the glitch is fixed it still works OK.

  rdave13 17:11 12 Jul 2012

Oh dear, PCA link.. ;)

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