just a bit of fun...

  pinnicat 00:47 11 Dec 2004

...for the wee small hours, but has anyone done or know of any research, that puts the capacity and power of the human brain in computer terms...??
hard disc for memory/ retention/storage...RAM for multi tasking and processor for rapidity of...er...well processing i suppose...
cheers all...... mik

  Strawballs 00:51 11 Dec 2004

sounds like your suffering from fatigue

  pinnicat 00:58 11 Dec 2004

that's so kind of you...thank-you

  Strawballs 01:00 11 Dec 2004

Don't know but I'm sure that I will be back in K62 terms

  geoff47 01:03 11 Dec 2004

Dont know about the terms and measurements...I am not very computor orientated.
But.....they cannot be compared.I remember watching a TV program some years ago that had the audience recognising simple squiggle outlines of Winston Churchil and DeGaulle and adding lines of Nursery rhymes with the least imformation possible.
The human brain is amazing....and as amazing as the most complex computors are or can ever be...I personally dont think they will ever have any common ground to base a comparison.The human brain can feel,imagine,.....a computor can only compute.And can only compute what a human brain writes into it.

Unless other more technical contributors know better.

  kev.Ifty 01:22 11 Dec 2004

click here

click here

I am Sorry, i have encountered a problem and i have to shut down. Please save all your unfinished work........ Click 'End Now' cos i need to go to bed!!!

Christmas Shopping tomorrow. Shall i start in Safe Mode ? I'm sure i am going to have to 'format' my card! and maybe 'Reboot' in the NewYear.

  pinnicat 01:35 11 Dec 2004

.....The potential for storage in the human brain was converted to binary it could have a measured capacity..so do we not know what the "average " human brain can hold? I know that we never actually forget anything, merely struggle with "Recall"..(familiar?) so this is where a comparison with Processors or RAM would be interesting.

  Forum Editor 01:52 11 Dec 2004

is so incredibly complex and so capable that it makes even the most powerful of computers seem like a child's toy by comparison.

Forget about the astonishing artistic achievements that have emanated from the brains of men and women for thousands of years, and take a simple example. Imagine a short drive to the shops. There's your brain, managing your eye to hand and foot responses as you negotiate the traffic - pretty wonderful eh? Then add the fact that you're listening to the radio, and possibly chatting to a passenger. At the same time you may be thinking about something that happened at work yesterday, or remembering a TV program you saw. Oh yes, and you'll be glancing at the dashboard from time to time, reading (and registering) speed, and checking that all appears to be OK. In addition to all that you'll be subconciously monitoring the engine noise for anything untoward. Just to round things off, you'll see and take note of any interesting advertising posters, that new shop that's just opened, and having a good look at attractive members of the opposite sex as you cruise down the high street looking for a parking space.

That describes one of the more mundane processing sessions that your brain deals with in an average day, and what I've described doesn't even scratch the surface in terms of what it can really do when it gets going........yet there isn't a computer anywhere in the world that could even begin to control the same car through the same journey and at the same time handle the multi-threading that I've described. We're a long way from developing such a machine, and as for something that could write a play, or a work of literature, or paint a masterpiece, or enjoy a film, or marvel at a fine landscape, or appreciate a good meal, or laugh at a joke, or fall in love............forget it.

Our brains are so powerful, so sophisticated and so resilient that is almost defies the imagination.

  pinnicat 01:58 11 Dec 2004

That's me told then eh?
Thank-you Mr Editor Sir....bow..scrape..crawl

  User-312386 02:05 11 Dec 2004

Computer = This Programme has caused an illegal operation

Human = Bed

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