Junk e-mail

  jtw 12:30 17 Jan 2009

I know this may seem lazy but we are getting 60 odd junk e-mails at a time and it doesn't seem to be getting less. Can I put batches into the junk e-mail folder rather than the labourious one at a time. It's driving me mad!!!

  MAT ALAN 12:32 17 Jan 2009

click here

this will help...

  Pineman100 12:36 17 Jan 2009

Do you have a spam filter? If so, you could save yourself time in the future by identifying all the spam emails to your spam filter. Then, in future, any emails from those senders will be directed straight into your spam folder.

But if you want to drag-and-drop a batch of emails into a different folder, just hold down the Ctrl key while click each of them. This will highlight them all and you can drag-and-drop them all at the same time.

Alternatively, if they're all listed in a block, click on the first one, then hold down Shift and click on the last one. That will highlight the whole list.

  jtw 16:35 17 Jan 2009

Should really have put that want to mark each one as "add sender to blocked sender's list"

  Pineman100 17:02 17 Jan 2009

Are you familiar with Message Rules? Assuming you're using Outlook Express, go to Tools>Message Rules>Mail. This allows you to create a set of conditions for diverting messages to whatever folder you choose.

To block a sender, go to your e-mail Inbox, select a message from a sender you want to block.
On the Message menu, click Block Sender.

I've never tried doing this for multiple senders, all at once (and I don't use Outlook Express) but you could try it by selecting multiple messages in the way I described above (ie: hold down the Ctrl key).

  brundle 17:10 17 Jan 2009

An email client with no spam controls built in is a waste of time; get Windows Live Mail click here or Thunderbird click here

Spam has random
"from" names in the header generally, so messages rules are not effective.

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