June 2004 Issue

  Motonick 19:18 12 Feb 2005

Has anyone got the june 2004 issue handy. I need the istallation instructions for one of the cover disc programs (goldmine)


  easyrider 19:27 12 Feb 2005

Got it in front of me. Go to start, run. Type D:\goldmineinstall\setup.exe.
NOTE: this software requieres online registration prior to use. visit click here for more details.
Hope this is what you are after.

  Motonick 19:56 12 Feb 2005

I have installed ut not sure how to register online. Also your click here comes up with "unable to find page".

Any more advice?

  easyrider 20:01 12 Feb 2005

NOTE: this software requieres online registration prior to use. visit w.w.w.frontrange.co.uk/pcadvisor is what it says try click here

  easyrider 20:05 12 Feb 2005

Just been to frontrange home page and can not see anything for online registration maybe F.E. can help.

  Newuser38 21:24 12 Feb 2005


Could you give us a green tick on your other thread please.

I wondered if you had found the disc.

I have a horrible feeling that the free registration on some of these programs has a time limit. I will dig my copy out and give it a try. You are trying version 5.7 not 6.5 I assume.

  Newuser38 13:32 13 Feb 2005
  Motonick 14:16 13 Feb 2005

Thanks new user

  Newuser38 22:24 14 Feb 2005

If you e-mail the support address above they will send you a flyer which gives details of a reduced price upgrade and also the registration number 'free' for version 5.7.

  Newuser38 22:25 14 Feb 2005

Sorry should have said you need to say you got 5.7 from PCA.

  Motonick 11:15 15 Feb 2005


Many thanks for your help. Have e-mailed so hopefully will be able to resolve this thread.


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