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  j18psf 13:44 31 Mar 2009


Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I could not find a relevant answer.

I am running a Toshiba Satellite M305D, with a AMD Turion dual core 2GHZ and 4GB ram also running Vista 64bit home premium.

Whenever I watch videos on my system mainly AVI's using VLC (have tried other programs), I get a lot of jumping on the picture which happens at random times, its a bit like the movie has went into slow motion. The sound also slows down when this happens too. This can happen anything from 1 second to 5/6 seconds.

Although it does not happen every time I watch something, it has been happening more often recently

Has anyone had similar issues and found away around this? I was wondering if the amount of space on the HDD could cause this although it also happens when I watch something straight from my external HDD.

I just feel that my laptop should not be having these issues as I believe the spec is well above what is needed to enjoy videos without issues?

Thanks in advance

  birdface 15:16 31 Mar 2009

Hi sorry but this probably has nothing to do with your problem but it is free for the day if anyone is interested.

click here

  Jim_F 15:47 31 Mar 2009

Are these uncompressed AVI's you are playing ? - these are very large files and could fall foul of disk fragmentation as well as bottlenecks in USB and te disk controller.

I can suggest a few things to try/check:

1) Defrag both drives
2) Switch the USB cable to a different socket
3) Reduce display depth if 32 bit to 16
4) Check for any background applications and disable them including network connections and virus checkers
5) Try playing compressed files (mpg files) abd DVDs to see if the same thing happens.

Its down to whether something else is taking processing power or the system is just struggling with the amount of data to transfer or render so the above should give a clue to this.

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