Jumpy playback

  EARLR 09:29 27 Jun 2006

XP Home SP2
When I try to playback WMV & Real video files The picture freezes then starts again
Any ideas?

  EARLR 12:43 27 Jun 2006


  mosfet 19:00 27 Jun 2006

I had this on a 98se PC once.Went into graphic drivers & slide accelerator from full to lowest & it sorted it.After a reboot put slider back to full & all was ok.Worth a try!

  Jak_1 01:03 28 Jun 2006

How much memory do you have and also what memory does your graphics card have? Minimum RAM will have a tendancy to make video playback a little jumpy especially when other programs are open and using memory.

I find I have no problem with 512mb Ram minimum and 250mb Ram on the graphics card. With that I can usually have 10 - 15 IE windows open, a Private network running and 2 graphics programs plus windows explorer and the email client.

If your memory is fine then I would check your swapfile settings.

  EARLR 08:42 28 Jun 2006

How do I check swapfile I have 512mb & ATI 9700, it's a laptop. this problem started recentley.

  JeffDH 15:57 28 Jun 2006

I have got the same problem, but on a mesh matrix desktop pc. It has got 1gb of ram. the playback is even jumpy in websites if I try a streaming video or it has a running graphics update like a news site.
I have been advised to take the pc back to factory settings by mesh.
I have had this problem since I got the PC.

  EARLR 10:03 29 Jun 2006


  EARLR 17:41 29 Jun 2006

Same problem playing games such as "AOE" Cursor freezes
and game play stutters and starts.
Any other ideas?

  EARLR 08:32 30 Jun 2006


  EARLR 10:24 01 Jul 2006

anyone have anymore ideas?

  ACOLYTE 10:27 01 Jul 2006

Sounds like somthing in the background,is your AV checking the files as they are used?.

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