Jumpy Graphics

  snowy30 17:21 24 Sep 2005

When I play online pool the graphics appear to be jumpy, this has only happened recently after I had to install Windows XP from FD.

I fiddled with the resolution a little, but still it happens

  Sparky3153 17:34 24 Sep 2005

What type of graphics card is it? Is it modern or old? In my experience "cheap" graphics cards struggle with online 3d games.

  PC Bilbo 17:37 24 Sep 2005

If your running XP and on line games, w

  Sparky3153 17:37 24 Sep 2005

It might be worth checking to see if your computer is using your onboard graphics chipset instead of your graphics card?? onboard graphic capabilities are very inferior to graphics cards (of a decent standard).

  PC Bilbo 17:41 24 Sep 2005

If you're running XP and online games what is your total RAM including graphics and what graphics card and processor are you running ?.

  DieSse 18:08 24 Sep 2005

If you've re-installed WinXP, have you also re-installed the motherboard and graphics drivers.

Without these, your graphics will be slow and erratic.

  snowy30 01:13 25 Sep 2005

I have an ATI Radeon 9000 with 64MB of video RAM.

The motherboard RAM is 512MB and I have a P4 pentium processor 2.53GHz.

In the Display Properties on the Settings tab, there are two boxes 1 and 2 respectively. I clicked on the 2 box which is partially shaded, and altered till both boxes are equal in size. For a time it solved the problem. Though I did that before it was ok for a time.

  sinbad1 09:12 25 Sep 2005

I have an ati radeon 9000 1 is enabled and 2 is disabled. Do you have two plug in and play monitors? If you only have one i think this should be dissabled.Not sure if this would be your problem though could be yor driver?

  sinbad1 09:14 25 Sep 2005

sorry disable 2

  gudgulf 13:42 25 Sep 2005

Open the ATI control panel and click on the SmartGart tab...........What setting is it showing for the AGP acceleration?

  wky 15:23 25 Sep 2005

is it a java game? go to sun java website and update java to the latest version. I think it fixed the problem for me.

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