jumper settings

  andymac1 09:27 04 Feb 2007

hi i have an asrock k7s41gx motherboard with fsb jumper settings of 200mhz 266mhz 333mhz my cpu is an amd athalonxp 1.8 gig socket a 462 but when it boots up it does not register as that or 1.8ghz it says 1500.
if i set the fsb mannually to 133 as ive been previously advised it works ok for a while then it reboots its self i get about 30 mins before it reboots do i need to change the jumpers on the motherboard thanks for any help andy

  ed-0 10:53 04 Feb 2007

What is the exact model number of the cpu? Is it supposed to run at 1.8Ghz or is it a XP1800+

To run a AMD 133Mhz cpu, you must alter the jumpers on the motherboard. Both must be on the 2 and 3 pins.

  Eric10 11:02 04 Feb 2007

If your processor is in fact an Athlon XP 1800+ then the actual speed of this processor is 1.53GHz click here and click here.

  andymac1 11:30 04 Feb 2007

its a 1800+, when you say 2 nad 3 pins im not sure what you mean as the motherboard has two rows of fsb pins 3 in each row and thy are settings of 200mhz 266mhz and 333mhz

  Eric10 12:11 04 Feb 2007

Both of FSB_SEL0 and FSB_SEL1 need to have their no. 2 and no. 3 pins jumpered.
If you don't have a manual click here.
Since you have confirmed that it is an 1800+ then 1533MHz is the correct speed for it and the FSB should be set at 266MHz.

  ed-0 12:13 04 Feb 2007

The jumpers on your motherboard are here. click here two sets of three pins

You need to cover the pins 2 and 3 on both. Like this click here

This will set the fsb of the motherboard to 266Mhz. The correct speed for your cpu.

Then as Eric10 has said. Your cpu should show as a 1800+ and run with a clock speed of 1533Mhz.

  ed-0 12:14 04 Feb 2007

I didn't refresh before posting;-)

  andymac1 12:49 04 Feb 2007

thanks every one i will try that now cheers :-)

  andymac1 13:03 04 Feb 2007

i set the fsb jumpers to 266 as shown and it would not load just went to welcome screen and rebooted over again and again :-(

  SANTOS7 13:16 04 Feb 2007

AMD XP 1800+
Internal clock 1532.9MHz
System clock 133.30MHz
System bus 266.59MHz DDR
The statement you get is correct your CPU is only 1.5gigs if your system is rebooting i would suggest it is nothing to do with your processor...

PS did your PC work properly before you altered anything

  andymac1 13:21 04 Feb 2007

yes it was working fine
if i put in the fsb manualy it works ok for about 30 mins then reboots or if i try to install of a cd ive now just found out :-(

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