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  2020 22:57 13 Aug 2005

hi, i see that advice is often given to check that the jumper for master slave setting have been set correctly and it is advice i have followed. however i recently visited a very helpful site [Some nice video's about upgrading click here] identifed by spuds and the advice there is not to bother with master slave choice but pick cable select every time. it sounds very simple and error proof and i wonder then why this advice is not offered by the experienced members of this forum?

  harps1h 23:28 13 Aug 2005

i personally have found that the master/slave jumpers work best

  Forum Editor 00:41 14 Aug 2005

probably know what I'm going to tell you now - which is that for the cable select setting to work you must use a special cable. Lots of people don't realise this - they use an ordinary 40 wire IDE cable, and wonder why it doesn't work.

Cable select was a great idea, and if the industry had adopted it as a standard we would all have an easier life - installing drives would be a walk in the park. It didn't catch on, however, and there's a reason. A cable select cable can be used either way - with jumpers set to master and slave or with the jumpers set to cable select, it doesn't matter. For some unfathomable reason however (possibly connected with an attempt to cut a small amount of cost) manufacturers continued to churn out both types of cable, so the drive manufacturers continued to send out drives with jumpers set to master. If you want to change this to slave, or cable select you have to change a jumper anyway, so whatever cable you use, you still have to change a jumper. Silly, isn't it?

All the newer, 80 wire Ultra DMA cables support cable select by default, so you can go ahead and change the drive jumpers to that setting if you have those cables in your machine. The drive at the end of the cable will automatically be set as master, and the drive connected to the middle of the cable will be the slave, regardless.

If you try to use older 40 wire cables with drives jumpered as 'cable select' you'll find that both drives are set as master, and you'll have all sorts of conflicts.

Does that help?

  2020 01:13 14 Aug 2005

thanks FE. i understand to some extent but i thought the cable refered to was a standard type..is it not? is it a waste of time/money? to change over to it? will i have problems if i go with cable select as default setting?

  Forum Editor 02:05 14 Aug 2005

- and you probably already have this type in your machine - you will have no problems using the cable select option. As I said earlier - all 80 wire cables support cable select. The video in the link you provided (now that I've looked at it) clearly explains this - the instructor discards the 40 wire cable and uses two 80 wire cables - he explains that these cables support cable select.

  2020 11:37 14 Aug 2005

thanks Forum Editor. from the information i have gathered i do feel feel it would be helpful to those less confident and knowledgable if this cable select option was referenced and offered as a suggestion, at least you'd only have to fiddle with those tiny jumpers once.

  pj123 14:39 14 Aug 2005

Most IDE cables are "keyed" now, but have you noticed that a 40 wire IDE cable has 40 pin connections but an 80 wire IDE has only got 39 pin connections? 39 x 2 = 78, what happened to the other 2?

  DieSse 15:15 14 Aug 2005

Also to be noted - if you use cable select (and ONLY if you use cable select) settings - it's where the drives are on the cable which determines which is Master and which is Slave. The end connector is Master and the centre connector is Slave.

Note - if you turn an 80-wire cable around (end to end) - then it won't work. The reason is that there is a "cut" wire which is used to do the Master/Slave differentiation - if you use the cable any wrong way round, the "cut" wire is in the wrong place and stops. the whole thing working.

There is quite a neat way you can use this Cable Select sensing. I have both my drive positions in the tower fitted wth caddies, and all my plug in drives are set to cable select. Thus any drive I plug into the top caddie is automatically a Master, and the bottom caddy automatically a Slave. This can be extremely useful - even more so when you're testing drives from other systems - I never need to go nside my system to change jumpers around.

  2020 15:42 14 Aug 2005

DieSse, thats a helpful tip, thanks

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